Wearable Wednesday Chanel

I was totally set on snark when I started looking at this, but damn it, there are so many tiny covetable details to each one.Oh, Kaiser Lagerfeld, you crazy genius.

Lapels. Maryjanes.


This- its scary marvelous.


Gets your noses to the monitor- check out those seams- its like a couture sun!


Shoulder seam placement- ah-aaah!

ch4Jacket! Jacket!!!


Mild concern that these are lace culottes- chafing level 10 people, but look at that jacket with it!!!


Oh- sailor collar- I must see that dress under there!!


Anna Wintour- please tell me that the Vogue Cafeteria staff are wearing this, I want that to be true.


Ok, Karl- drink another diet coke, you are getting light headed.


There are 96 looks in this collection- please go see it all!


I’m on the fence-




I hope she doesn’t keep her pearls in the fridge.


I keep thinking ‘this will; be the last one’ but then this happened:


Then this.


Aw gees- Karl, stop- I get it, you win!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

42 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Chanel

  1. These are interesting. Mostly in a good way.

    About that sailor collar dress and jacket… Looking closely at the front of the dress, I’m thinking it’s probably a good thing she’s wearing the jacket.

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  2. When I saw “Chanel” as your choice this WW, I thought, “She wouldn’t DARE snark about Chanel.” I’m drooling over the fabrics and combinations of colours. I have always admired Lagerfeld and the house of Chanel, and only remember one or two collections that I disliked. If only I could own a piece… Sigh…


  3. Oh My! Yes. damn, I wanted to snark too, but so much love – those sleeves, those collars! even the over use of pink was just right – damn!
    and that neutral coat, and the jackets… ok.. I’m going now… but the weird scary clown eye makeup and princess leia meets minnie mouse head buns, they were wrong.

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  4. Yay for lower heels, too. It always seems like the accessories and makeup are the most bizarre parts of a show. I love that blue dress. I want to say I’ve had something similar before.


  5. NOTHING better than a CHANEL show 🙂 So much fabulousness and true design, style, craftsmanship…Ahhhh…the fashion world is restored. Love the fabrics (well, most of the fabrics – at least you can appreciate the pairings), interesting details and shoes, too. I liked the last CHANEL runway better (OMG…those incredible embellished pieces!!), but this is very interesting. Must look up the Carolina Herrera runway now – another designer whose runways I always love.

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  6. Rachel says:

    I wish I would win the lotto so that I could buy some of these…. Unfathomably love the silver lace clown jumpsuit outfit! Loving the models too – they’ve nailed this look.


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