Vogue 1402….sort of


Why hasn’t this pattern taken off? Nice full skirt, comfy bodice….


Whimsical shoulder blade noose?  Maybe. As per my usual- I tried it- the pattern everyone else knew better about, I suppose. Do better sewists have some sort of sense about bad ideas? Can you see a dark putrid aura rising from the pattern bin or something?

‘No! Not that one- I see sorrow- tears and poorly placed bust darts! Heed my words or suffer most dreadfully!!!’


Maybe if I’d READ the directions this would have been a problem, no- I read them, I just didn’t follow them. Honestly, I looked at it, liked the shape with my fabric and ran with it. So to do a review seems wrong- cuz this isn’t so much a pattern review as a dress I made using the pieces.

– I knew I wanted to wear a bra (it’s my thing, crazy right?) so I raised the back about 5- yes 5 inches. Also, that helped cover up the tattoo I got back in 1989 that is the first 4 chapters of the Andy Warhol Diaries in comic sans- I regret the font, not the Jerry Hall gossip.

– Whoa, look at that- you can see my appendix in this- add 2 inches to the front.

-I’ve been wanting to try exposed darts, but, not on this- my print is very fun- I didn’t want it disturbed. Another change!

-zipper? We don’t need no stinking zipper!

-raise that waistline to a flattering zone

-Lining? In the southern summer? Why not just wear armour. No thank you.

– I used a self fabric binding (made wrong side out, so the darker areas of the print don’t bleed thru) on the sleeve edges and the neckline. I added it before sewing the bodice together for a smoother point at the joining. Joining- is that a thing? Sure, sure, it’s a thing.

-Oh, I’m getting little armscye rumples- lets nip that out with another dart- foolishness- I should have just adjusted the Vogue dart of uselessness first!

Shoulder blade noose? No longer necessary to maintain the bodice remaining on, but what the hay, let’s make a noose!

So did I make Vogue 1402 or not? Well, I did use all the pieces, so I guess that counts. I feel like those gals that go to the hairdresser, get a vastly different style than usual then  come home and style it like they always have and blame the hairdresser! Oh, Wanda!


As you know, my pictures are a work in progress. Someday I will really appreciate soft-focus…today is not that day!


Enjoy the shrubbery, while I adjust. Hey, didn’t Jack the Ripper saw that a few times? Hmm….lets move on. Alright, here goes.


I have been saving this fabric for ages. It was a mad purchase during the last fabricmart challis blitz. I love the repeat- in fact, most of the people pictured probably got repetitive stress injuries on a daily basis, bend with the knees, not at the waist peasants! I was very good about print matching on my skirt- since it is totally meant for twirling! Here’s an aggressive pose:


Look! Neck noose! The husband loves this dress- I think it’s the peasants- but it could be the handy noose…..


photo credits: pattern review, google images, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Vogue 1402….sort of

  1. I like how you did that – made us all so worried we sort of screwed up our eyes and peeked through our fingers at the photos and …it looks amazing! Under promise and over deliver!


  2. Very Nice :-). i think you definetly used the Vogue Pattern 🙂 Alterations are part of the sewing game after all. :-). I was so eager to see Your print. Zoomed in several times before I discovered there were some very hard working Chinese People there. Good job!1


  3. LOL esp the tattoo bit! And I can confirm those are Japanese peasants rather than Chinese – it even says Japan in the adopted Chinese characters.

    I think I might be one of the few who to put this pat in my basket, tho it might have been in the order that went AWOL. and it was def the cathedral print that ensnared me rather than the pattern. Didn’t even notice the patern calls for exposed darts. With your alterations it makes a lovely traditional dress that many would love in their wardrobe. OK maybe minus the neck noose, tho that might come in handy when hanging the dress on a hook or hanger! 🙂


  4. susan snow says:

    I have this pattern. Bought it to showcase some fabric around the hem that would look like a beachview. I don’t like the back and was thinking to just make it a regular back with my sloper. The darts do look a little tricky to work with. Maybe will sub in some from another pattern. I always really enjoy your blogs. You make my day!


  5. I think I prefer your version! Love the fabric choice! I don’t know why that one has been relegated to musty-neglected-pattern-purgatory – it has potential, as you’ve proven! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. LOL! I’m a fellow purchaser of the unloved patterns, I thought maybe it was just that I am a cranky old woman (temporarily) trapped in a young body… 😉 So I’m definitely not seeing that blackened aura either!

    Love your version, and your commentary is always hilarious. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. idaaidasewing says:

    you’ve made yourself a beautiful summer dress, hope you didn’t work as hard as the hardworking man in the print to make this 🙂


  8. Fabrichoar says:

    I’m another one who bought the pattern. Sewing it up now without alterations for a wearable muslin. (Hoping to finish once I step away from the computer.) Bodice cut way to deep – front and back. same as you, I read thru the instructions and went off on my own. Did a simple bodice self lining. Why complicate a lining. Love your iteration. Love the fabric (wish I’d bought some!) Not sure where I’ve been that I’ve missed your blog before…. will be stopping by to enjoy your writing. You are a hoot and a holler. (ps. also in the south – Atlanta. You?)


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