Wearable Wednesday Dior

Interesting….Victorian resortwear? Are those booties? I think my American girl doll wore this for a Salem adventure.


Lots of room for tissues, margaritas, corn pads in these pockets!


Resort wear so confuses me- Am I on a trip or planning to sieve gravy thru my blouse?


Wanda donned her safety vest and prepared to do her community service as stylishly as possible.


Is that a swimsuit and fur coverup? Where are you swimming- the polar bear tank?


Don’t feel bad Dior, I never finish my latch rug rug kits either.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owner.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Dior

  1. The best part of this collection is the variety of the purses…the rest seems…well…un-resort especially that knitted swimsuit and fur boa. Latchet hook rug…I had flash backs to 1970 when I actually made an area rug in those same colors and patches but I would have never imagined wearing it! Those very pointy toed boots might come in handy for digging for sand crabs at the beach though.


  2. splendidcakes says:

    Latch hook rugs!!! I made those in junior high (mid 70’s)… wish I’d kept them now…
    To see this after Chanel last week makes me sad. Beautiful bags notwithstanding, Dior’s 2015 “New Look” sucks. PLUS- the plaid of the first blouse is not matched to haute couture standards. Sad.


  3. The models look pissed off – perhaps when they heard they were working for Dior, they expected frilly frocks and chic ensembles. Getting your photo taken in a latch hook dress and a safety vest would be enough to irk even the professionals.


  4. I almost liked the first top but then I was distracted by the shorts. Are those pockets? Hanging down longer than the shorts? I hate to criticize big pockets but…


  5. I’m a bit confused. It is a bit too warm here for me and I couldn’t image wearing shorts with long plaid sleeves (her pockets are hanging out of her shorts), let alone a see through top as my other choice. The second one makes more sense, but I don’t have her legs (thank Gawd) and I don’t like her shoes. I’m confused!

    “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.”



  6. I guess the key we don’t have here is just WHERE these people are vacationing! Resort? Not where I’m headed…! Not sure WHO would think these were ‘must haves’ for their next vacay. The plaid thing is really odd – had to laugh at the American Girl reference…DEFINITELY have a few of those outfits in our kids’ AG boxes. The latch hook craziness and the mesh stuff…I can’t even. Personally, it looks like the Dior crew flat ran out of good ideas and just decided to hurl some things onto the runway. And sorry, but no way I’m going back to those ice pick toes on my shoes! Although I did find Mrs Mole’s comment about them being excellent for digging in the sand very plausible – and quite possibly the ONLY connection to ‘resort’…lol!

    Sending this DIOR collection to the wastebin…and sending the DIOR folks to the archives to see how it’s supposed to be done! meh.

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  7. Spitting tea. Yes that is what we do over here on a Wednesday.
    Coffee filter and the Redi-cut latch rugs. I made one too – revolting pink and white squares.
    And there is always a girl called Wanda.


  8. susan snow says:

    You are wonderful. Make yourself a nice big gin and tonic, put your feet up and celebrate being the most wittiest sewing blog person in the entire universe.


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