Wearable Wednesday Alice + Olivia

‘Peggy- I never noticed that you have man hands.’


‘At least I can keep my chaps from sliding off, Eunice!’


‘Peggy- you look like you just did a walk of shame from a Loco Taco.’


‘Oh, Eunice- you’re just ticked off because they togged you up in Ranger Ricks holiday tree skirt.’


‘This is about Karlo isn’t it!’


‘No. Not at all.’ sniff….


‘It’s just that….they PROMISED I could wear the Eddie Munster’s 1st communion shortie suit….’

‘Just suck it up, Peggy- modelling is pain.’


photo credits: style.com.all images remain the property of their original owners.

26 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alice + Olivia

  1. Love the 1st Communion suit…looks like the base for a matador’s “suit of lights” before the attach all the braids and gemstones. While these clothes are very young and playful and wearable, I was fascinated by the shoes and the 70’s influence of fringe and flared pants. I hope Eunice and Peggy can forget about Karlo, it’s not worth fighting over a man.


  2. Love the blouses and tops in this collection! Some really interesting fabrics, too. I’d be tangled up on the floor in that long black dress before I’d taken three steps…but I love how they did the white trim on the top and skirt. Might be a takeaway. Not a big fan of the long sleeveless “vest” coats I’ve been seeing…I mean, WHY? But, then, I live in the South where this is too much fabric to bother with on hot days, and hey…it gets cold here so you’re gonna need SLEEVES…especially if the weather warrants fabric of that weight 😉 Love the fabric on that long vestie, though…really pretty! Pillows!


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