Butterick 6168…the end of a Bad Run

This month the whimsical gods of good taste have packed up their skivvies and shuffled off to Buffalo. Seriously. Everything I have cut out I have been remorseful about later.
Plaid? Are those plaid pants? Oh Criminy Pete! They are plaid gauchos!!!! Holy Cindy Lauper, this is like a kool aid fueled fever dream of bad taste!

Wait- does that have a yoke front and sash tie? On my body? I’ll look like Holly Hobbies slutty cousin Whorey Boobie!
How can a steady sewing room viewing diet of Unsolved Mysteries, 40’s movies and Masterpiece Theatre lead to such bad ideas? Soon fabric on local shelves will start telling stories of the horrors of Soren Drive!

‘She was a beautiful soft challis- without a care in the world- until the monster came! With her barky dogs rolling on innocent textiles  and her weird ideas about sleeve gathering! Better that challis had never been bought at all than to have such a tacky fate!!’

‘What did she make, Grandma Crepe?’

‘I can’t speak of it! For once you’ve seen it- it haunts your dreams!!!’
So even tho I’ve been so I’ve been very busy and so so productive, I haven’t felt much pride of accomplishment. Do you do this? Sew but not show? Do you ever make stuff that isn’t a wadder, but isn’t a wonder? I refuse to blog for the blogging sake- you all should be glad I don’t force you to find neutral niceties to say to about my less than glad rags!
Well, here is the least upsetting- a happy ending -Butterick 6168.


The new and very pretty Lisette. Its borderline for me. Easy to make, easy to wear, flowy. Whats my problem? I wince at sash ties so I left them off. One view leaves them off, so I wasn’t really cheating. Just short-sighted. They really help give this shape. Especially if you are a founding member of the zip skip brigade.  It made it a wee bit boxy so some back darts were added.  I love this fabric tho. Hows that? It’s challis and summery and bright and the yellow doesn’t make my liver look like it isn’t processing bile correctly. That’s always a plus. In fact, remember that quote so when you are stuck looking at a blog post a garment that is making you sad and the wearer is looking for feedback- you can politely tell them:

The yellow makes your liver look like it is processing bile correctly and I love your garden area!
You are now off the hook- you have a surefire comment for when the ‘like’ button just isn’t enough to say ‘I appreciate your effort and you’ve spelled everything correctly please don’t make me say anything else- your work scares me and I want your sewing machine freed from your talentless clutches’. Don’t thank me. I’m here to help you all.


Please admire once more my hubs hops area. I can’t pose on the other side of the house- the local hooligans are playing basketball and they scare me. At 10 these kids are already cooler than I have ever been able to claim. They barely move when I drive my car thru their hoops area to get to my garage. In fact, they stare at the car like I am a goofy tourist on a nature preserve. I picture them as rhinos with sleeveless t-shirts and sunglasses- barely tolerating me as I squeak past- dipping their chins at me perceptively and muttering “S’up” at me with the minimal respect that they give to the attendant that brings them their juice boxes. I know that the chubby lady in the fiat with the dogs that look like miniature Beatle wigs is not impressive to them, but gees- they are intimidating! I stick to the not sporting side of the yard at least until the playoffs end and they go inside for chicken nuggets.


I think the darts really helped- it creates a nice waistline for me, but it can get a little poochy on the exhale- you know what I mean? I have some slight bagging between the shoulder blades and the back fat cutlets- not sure what caused that- too long in the back bodice?


Now, as a testament to how I am committed to honesty- I shall exhale fully and let you see how gappy the cross-over can get- I give it a 40SPF on the bustal glare scale. Thank you hot pink camisole.


I wonder how this would be as a maxi dress? Maybe it would feel less girly-girly and feel more appropriate to the mutton it’s encasing! As usual, the tripod was being a butt and I refuse to ask for help- until things so totally awry. Here’s an attempt at a full length shot-


I did some of my usual fit adjustments, lowering 1 shoulder slightly, dropping the back neckline a hair and I set the crossover pleats on Ms Holloway- I think it all worked. I’ve worn it  twice and expect for feeling that it’s a little youngish for me, I really like it. I can’t help thinking that there is a companion American Girl pattern out there for matching tea events. I’m a Samantha girl, in case you wondered. I think we have the same feelings about velvet.

photo credits: little me, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

49 thoughts on “Butterick 6168…the end of a Bad Run

  1. splendidcakes says:

    Ooh, pretty! I don’t think it’s “too young” for you at all. I put that in quotes because I’m starting to get all cranky about ageism. I’m 51, though. I do sneer at bloggers who sell patterns for toddlers and then add allegedly “adult” pieces which are identical to the baby outfits. Add a pigeon toe pose and you’ve got my Kryptonite.
    Needless to say, you don’t look anything like those 30 going on 3 year olds- oh, and you sew well too!
    I also think sashes are silly. They’re too young for anyone over 9, IMHO.
    Anyway, rant over (for now)- your fitting skills far outstrip mine, so I stand in awe of your adjustments. You are way cool. Forget those 10 year olds.


  2. JoAnne says:

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself. The dress looks very nice on you. I can barely see the problems you’re talking about. You did a great job, the fabric is beautiful and you look very pretty!


  3. Janet says:

    So many cute dresses…I can’t figure it out. I think this is lovely and the floral is sophisticated! Thank you for the smiles. I teach middle school…show them whose boss!!


  4. Know exactly what you mean, you sew and sew and what do you have to show…..nada! Your Butterick 6168 doesn’t look bad at all, however understand if you are not feeling it then time to toss aside and move forward. It does look good on you!


  5. Well I like it. I am 50 and have been known to go to work with my hair in side braids so I’m not the one to be Emily Posting about age appropriate wear but really, it’s a smart, pretty dress with a couple of design features that I really like.
    Do the kids next door wear their pants on he ground? I was walking home one night about 1am and on the creepy block, I heard the ominous rumble of a skateboard behind me. As he zipped past, I shouted, Pull your Damned Pants Up! He fell off his board, hitched them up withe a mumbled apology and skated off. WHY do I do these things? Well to be fair in this case I was in full “bio queen” regalia and was probably terrifying to him!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Well I for one love it. I suspect that when you reach for it this time next year you’ll be pleased to put it on.
    And, yes, I often sew and not show. If I’m not excited by something who on Earth else will be? Quality not quantity!


  7. Those kids next store will soon get bored and find something else to do. One of them might actually enjoy taking your photo for you. They’re all into selfies and they’d probably see you as an internet star.
    I love the print and colours you’ve used. It’s a great outfit.


  8. love the fabric, I cut this one out this past weekend after a muslin. I definitely won’t have any ‘bustal glare’ but I am going to have to slash and spread the cap sleeves, or I won’t be able to use my arms……

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  9. mary says:

    I work with boys that age in a sports capacity and they are just a bunch of mamas boys looking for their next bowl of chicken riggies. Nice dress thing too.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Darling fabric and dress…extra back fabric…you might need that when reaching down to pick up the dogs…think of it as ease…it is not fun wearing a “stand up straight” dress all day, it has to have room to reach and sit and eat. I’d wear that dress with coral/red leggings too to make the flowers pop!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I like it a lot! I think part of what is making you feel it’s too girly is the print. Florals are hard, because they can make something either look too young or too mature. The cut, however, is fantastic, and if you tweaked it a bit, you’d easily have a TNT.


  12. Optimal biliary function aside, Anne, the fabric is gorgeous, and it’s a great summer outfit. The colors are fantastic on you. IMHO you are being too hard on yourself. So you may have a little boob gappage, that makes the camis feel needed. I do like the light tights, but try a darker shade from your fabric to mix it up a bit. It’s a win, wear it with pride!

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  13. Karen Lyon says:

    Prttynpink, I think your dress is amazing! The back is a bit tight when your arms are forward, that is an easy fix. You may be right about the length, as a tunic length, with leggings the lower portion seems a bit busy. I love the style with the keyhole at the front. I think you did a wonderful job. Karen

    Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 18:22:14 +0000 To: grumpykaren@hotmail.com


  14. Are you serious? This dress looks beautiful, these flowers in a white background remind me of the dress that one of my friends wore in the Prom Night, and it was spectacular! Come on, wear it more often! 🙂


  15. ellegeemakes says:

    I made that dress too ( out of a linen with little speckles sprinkled on it) and mine is not nearly as cute as yours. I struggled with fit, and by the time I was through with it, I was a bit sick of the whole thing, so it’s only been out of the closet once or twice. I wish i’d used fabric with a print like you did. It looks great!


  16. bimbleandpimble says:

    I call too harsh on your frock! This is a winner 😀 And that ease at the back is there to allow for awesome karate chops as required. Hi-yah! (side note- all the rad ladies drive Fiats!)


  17. I often find it funny how the person who slaves over an item can see its every imagined flaw. To me it looks great and I love the fabric. In addition the garden area IS lovely too. Win win I call it.


  18. OF COURSE YOU DRIVE A FIAT! Us novelty dog owners must naturally drive cars that seem like jokes (Honda Element driver here… yes, I know it looks like a toaster on wheels!).

    Um, I don’t know why you don’t like this dress. I think it’s gosh darn adorable!

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  19. Poppet says:

    I am perpetually late to the party but I think this dress is stunning on you. The color perfectly compliments your hair and skin and the cut, especially the bodice, is very flattering. If you want to make it more mature (to which I say: dress whatever age you feel!) you could change the skirt so it’s longer or less swishy. I always associate swish with little girl dresses — but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them! I am a new reader of yours but your wardrobe hardly strikes me as conservative or fuddy-duddy.


  20. Molly says:

    I think one of the thugs in your driveway sleep on my couch and occasionally talks me into allowing him to hitchhike rides in my car.
    I giggled through your entire speech! Still giggling now, and I think it might be age inappropriate for me do so!
    I think I might purchase this pattern based upon its looking so good on you. I like the suggestions your readers made for modifying the dress.


  21. Slouchy says:

    Well, I am super late to your party, but loved the convo so much, had to put my three cents in. I have a boy that age – he is flirting with you (in a please notice him way). It’s just an extrapolation from when he was 2, when he would throw things on the ground in supermarkets – only in front of 30+ ladies – and smile charmingly so they’d pick them up … Again … And again. A kind of conversation in motion. Anyway I thought the print is a stunning combo with your skin and hair colour; the latter tones down & bypasses any girlyesque tendencies of the dress on its own. Do you think a 2-piece, overlapping, curvy-triangle modesty panel (breathe!) might help reduce exposure … and keep the flattering teardrop shape whilst echoing the pleats either side, just higher up? Hope you still wear this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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