Wearable Wednesday Alberta Ferretti

I’m in a drool state. If I love the rest as Im loving this fabric- I’ll be dehydrated by the 4th design!?


oooh……making Homer Simpson noises now……


Not so keen on the doll lingerie in the middle, but send me the other two, please!


Wait- are those Rockys gold briefs under there?


I’m on the battenberg fence over these two- kind of matchy matchy for me.


Now this is my kind of matchy matchy!


Hey, Olsen twins, did you see these?


photo credits: style.com.all images remain the property of their original owners.

23 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alberta Ferretti

  1. I do love some of the fabrics. And that overalls style jumper with the cut work hem. Hmmm… perhaps I need to teach myself to do cut work embroidery. This is the second time recently that I’ve drooled over something with that kind of hem.


  2. OMG- and I don’t really do brown/natural shades. But oh those textures! This would all go beautifully with my Koos van den Akker bag [you can see it at the top of the home page of my blog]. LOVE the lace/cutwork/denim thingies, don’t care about the skinny bird garments, just love the fabric combos!


  3. Well…SOMEONE had a memorable trip to India 🙂 Really interesting designs and the fabrics are lovely! I’d snatch that coat right off the first model – and the pants if I could get them 😉 The first two outfits are my favs – beautiful fabrics and colors, although I’m not that fond of the bug-wing-ish skirt on the first model with the coat and all. But LOVE the fabric, and I’m not usually drawn to those colors. The blouses in it are gorgeous! I NEED those, along with the spotted coat and those pants…! Love the sheer black tops and the blue chiffon-y number, too 🙂

    Thanks for a Wearable Wednesday I didn’t have to be snarky about 🙂

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  4. Teri says:

    I’m on inspiration overload!!! I would give a pinky toe for that fabric!!!! The designs are awesome, especially the first 2 images. I totally won’t to ditch housework and just design and sew today!!!


  5. Gorgeous fabric and the lines of the clothes are lovely too. Wish the while blouse wasn’t covered up by the black lace jumper – it looks like something that should be hanging in my closet.And the models don’t look bored/spaced out of their minds – a definite plus.


  6. These colors totally look like your personal color favorites! I have a vintage doll pattern fro, 1953 with the exact same slim pants/full skirt combo as pic 2. As impractical as it would be in real life, it does look pretty spectacular. The eyelet as a jean jacket is a fun combo of styles, yet I do NOT feel the same about the jumpsuit next to it…for all of the farm vibe that it’s giving off, there’s no way that she would be mucking out a stall in such precious fabric.


  7. Rose in SV says:

    The fabrics in the second and last pictures remind me of Indonesia batik sarongs/sarungs. I have some sarong pieces and I like how they were used in (or how they inspired) the skirts and trousers in the second pictures. Thank you for sharing! I look forward to your posts every week!


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