Gingham saves the day?



Wait- that’s too strict of an interpretation. I’m an 80’s kid. For me the name conjures up now horrible imagery of corduroy evil worn by Dana Plato on Different Strokes. God how I loved her clothes! He puffed sleeve acrylic sweaters with little string tied blouses and oh yes, her quilted gaucho pants with yes, oh yes! The matching vests!!!!


Oh, be still my 11-year-old heart. I wanted her clothing so much. Don’t even get me started on her barrettes. Oh, the envy that only an 11-year-old with home cut bangs can understand. Sigh. I digress. I’m over her now. Gauchos are not to blame for Dana’s unfortunate end, they were the least of her bad choices. So why are we here today, Cuddlies? I have returned to the gaucho zone. But in a much more temperate way.


No 3 caballeros here, more of a stylish citified lady- you know the type.
I got this GORGEOUS stripey business from a lovely blogger and I have been wanting to show it off in a way that suited it’s repeating pattern without too much breakup. Breakups are bad, you know that. Sniff, sniff. Oh, look, Oh look it’s a whole flock of patterns McCall’s is wooing me with by the pattern bins at the Hancock fabric. Yes. yes, maybe, yes, no- ok. Wait- how did this get in the buggy? 7133- really? IS that model as my Mother would say, ‘NAVAL STREAKING?’   


Why is this in my buggy? I only know 1 style icon that can pull this bare midriff off in all situations:


Preach it, Winnie!

So I made the pants, but not that top! Maybe for another day…yeah, no. I followed the instructions, except for 1 little thing- I put the zip on the side. I just find it more comfortable there. But other than that, no changes. Other than some narrowing in of the waist, they didn’t require any major changes. Perhaps I’m not the deformed troll i think I am…nyah.
I wore the pants/culottes/whatevers to work with a pale pink top for contrast and it was just not there for me. I wasn’t getting the whole ‘The heavens opened up and I walked thru the office while blue birds chirped and the other girls melted in a sticky puddle of ensembles envy’ feeling. Seriously. If you get dressed in your new outfit and the mirror avoids your eyes, it’s time to put the jammies back on, you know? So what to do, what to do!
Pinterest. Yes, while you consider your life, scroll thru other peoples, right? Right. Look at what I found! Stella Jean to inspire and delight my beigey soul.




You knew that was coming. Look at these! Aren’t they amazing? A plan formed. A gingham plan. Now I’m not huge on the gingham. White based fabrics don’t move me and I worry it is too missish for me. Hmm….can saucy faux redheads wear the gingham? Lets pray to the patron saint of Henna- sass for guidance.

Ok- we are cooking now!


Mccalls  7133, please meet your dream date- a top I have made numerous times and love to death. Simplicity 1806.

I am literally in my sassy pants this morning and could not be more pleased!


I did iron all this, but quite frankly, it’s only 9:30 in the morning and this lettuce leaf is already wilted?!  I could have spent more time smoothing out the top while I pranced around the yard, but did I mention it was hotter than the devils jacuzzi this morning?


These pictures may look pretty good, but here’ s a pic from the first 200 shots- before my hair fell and I started looking sticky, of course. Dang I looked thin in these pics…..


photo credits:, pinterest, google images, little me, pattern review. .all images remain the property of their original owners.

64 thoughts on “Gingham saves the day?

  1. This post made me laugh and laugh, although I sobered up somewhat when I realised I’m old enough to be your mother! So, I really have to tell you that you must not flirt with the lawn boy – lawn boy? really? Pool boys are much classier. But I digress. Those pants are the business. Wish I could pull them off…

    OMG I just read that again. I mean that I wish they suited me, not that I want to pull them off you. Taking. Foot. Out. Of. Mouth. It’s late, goodnight.

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  2. Gauchos! I wore them with pride as a teenager with these really cool, but terribly uncomfortable, square toed boots. I was at the edge of fashion, but flash forward to modern day and my little brother – the school teacher – uses a picture of me in my favorite gaucho outfit when he’s teaching his class about the ’80’s. Yikes! But, I look at myself in that picture and I remember that wonderful feeling of wearing those gauchos and knowing that I looked really, really cool! 🙂

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  3. Teri says:

    To gaucho or not to gaucho, that is my big dilemma this season. Small child of the 70s and tween/teen of the 80s so I completely understand the Kimberly Drummond clothes obsession. I have been debating whether or not to make the demon spawn of clothing. I hate gauchos but secretly I think I love them. I just remember rocking a cute pair of denim Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders gauchos with matching vest in the 70s and that embarrassment has kept me away from them for 30 years. Usually I laugh and mock when I see them make their once every decade return but this time I want a pair!!! I’ve seen a couple on the internet that I actually like (and in my defense, one of those was in leather…gotta keep my 80s hair band street cred going) and your pair is not helping because they look fab and make me want to go make a pair right now!!! This is a real moral dilemma for me, I use to go to Metallica concerts, for Pete’s sake and here I am wanting gaucho pants! 😀

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  4. Gauchos–wide leg capri’s ? IDK. Thunder thighs and a shelf booty told me no way (though I didn’t listen thirty years ago). Fabric and styling is everything — and those look great on you. Hmmm, wonder if knickers and pirate blouses will make a reappearance? lol.


    • Jen (NY) says:

      I might still go for some tweed or velvet knickers, in the right context. I did do the pincord Esprit culottes with the high-neck blouse and d’orsay flats back then. I loved it, but for me, never again. Why is it that our names for all of these short pants = underwear in other countries?


  5. What is a gaucho? ??

    I don’t what’s wrong with this…it looks lovely! I love the print. The shape looks good too. What about a lengthened version of the top in the same fabric if you have any left? The longer vertical lines of the print might be even more flattering in a full dress length, so matching top can read as 2-piece dress? 🙂


  6. Naval streaking!!

    Love your funny commentary and really enjoyed the inspiration pics. The combination of light blue and deep red is really cheery, and while I would never have considered a cropped trouser of any description you look great in them with your nice slim legs and elegant ankles.


  7. As we can all attest to…not everyone can carry off cropped pants like you do! I like the gingham top especially the center panel being on bias…was that on purpose? Vertical lines and cropped pants…yes ma’am you does look skinny and toss on an elongating scarf…well you have a great look even though the temps tend to wilt lettuce. Devil’s jacuzzi….ha ha…will remember that term when I use mine in the fall.


  8. You certainly were wearing your sassy pants writing this post! Love your witticisms, Anne! And your whatchamacall’ems look just dandy with that gingham top. (I wore them as a teen, too, but I think they were called gauchos. Or was it culottes…..) Btw, so glad you were behaving yourself with the lawn boy, him being your own and all that…. 😀


  9. okay I read the first speech bubble as ‘damn it, mature, get off of me?!’ and I wondered how you meant it – lots of lols in this post. I love the fabric you used for the gauchos and glad you found a styling you liked!


  10. Carol G says:

    Love this and really think the scarf sets the whole thing off nicely. Thanks too for the Winnie the Pooh gif. Us little round things need a fashion icon too !!


  11. bimbleandpimble says:

    Oh, Raoul the pool boy is a much better choice for a lady as sassy as you! Looking fierce you gingham minx 😀
    (side note: whenever I read gaucho I think of gazpacho. Not sure why. Maybe one must eat gazpacho is gauchos?!)


  12. This may be a little before your time, but may I recommend the gauchos of Audra Barclay, the young heiress who was “too impetuous to play it safe” (Big Valley). Seeing the backside of Heath (Lee Majors), “the outsider who fought for recognition” was all I needed to proclaim that boys weren’t full of cooties after all.


  13. I love the fabric combo – great look for you! I’m an 80’s child, so why can’t I for the life of me remember people wearing gauchos back then?!? I do not remember that at all. But I’ve jumped on the bandwagon this time around. I bought them though, shhhh!


  14. danvillegirl says:

    I love reading your post. I am sure I have said that before but so what! They are very entertaining. I do like the gingham top with the culottes! Looks very good and actually cool for this extremely hot weather!


  15. “Navel streaking” – BWAHAHAHAHA! I am totally going to use that!

    I love the outfit. I have to confess, when I saw gauchos I kind of groaned a little bit but really they look great. You evil woman, you. You are tempting me to go where I’ve been before but thought I had left behind forever.


  16. That’s one stylish combination! Love the patterns together and the cool top with the hot pants. You could send a little of that heat over here please I’m still waiting for summer to start.

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  17. Margo says:

    Gauchos! I forgot that they were called that! My mother in law calls them “petal pushers”. No..I don’t know why. Hilarious post. Thanks for the laugh this morning! Strangely enough I have this pattern but was to afraid to make the gauchos (hehehe..yup gonna chuckle every time I say or write that) so I made the top. Did a little NAVAL STREAKING…yes I did….don’t tell your mom. I love your print choice for your gauchos and I’m thinking I should be brave and make them up. Love you blog BTW.


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