Wearable Wednesday Marina Hoermanseder

A subtle buckle can add class and style to a basic shape.


A subtle buckle can add class and style to a basic shape.


Ok, back to normalcy- this coat is lovely!


Hey- you in the back- sit like your Mama taught you!


‘Don’t think about the chafing, Fiona, just get thru it’ she thought furiously.


Well, at least she doesn’t have VPL.


No, wait- seriously?


From a distance the pigeons thought they saw cracker crumbs- Antonia needed 4 years of therapy to even be able to walk past a bird cage after that.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

44 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Marina Hoermanseder

  1. So many mis-matched combos here! But a theme with gauchos and fabrics that could have been used for accent pillows. That poor girl in the blue bubble with straps! I see lots of craft projects making tiny flowers to adorn little bags and hair barrettes.

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  2. Except for the blue buckled bubble, each outfit has at least one element that’s wearable – the blouse with the bloomers has a great shape and texture and I’d wear the culotte skirt (without the tiny sweater).


  3. Interesting. I love the blue. Like the first one, but a longer skirt. Then I saw the second one. The poor girl is wearing a plastic lampshade. Then I loved the third one, blue and beige. The fourth one forgot to put her top on. The fifth and sixth looks like she is going to get a body part stuck in the fabric. The little green skirt… Is too fluffy for me. I like the beige coat. What a mix up. These were all designed by the same person? Wow!



  4. sewbussted says:

    I think Mama also told us that a bra is not a top 😉
    For some reason, those smocked shorts are reminding me of Little Bow Peep!!!


  5. There’s a How-To article in BurdaStyle’s August issue on how to get that 3D shorts fabric happening for yourself at home! Examples include Chanel, no less. I’m tempted to try it! haha!


  6. splendidcakes says:

    Poor model in blue plastic bubble… hugs 😦 And is it my imagination or are these models more starved than usual? More 😦


  7. Oh yes, the lime green diaper pants and the beige Cherios jacket. What a great selection. I like the first blue and white ensemble though and it is a nice way to use a buckle.


  8. O.M.G. Want to bet those puffy shorts shrink into a teeny tiny doll short once she takes them off? Seems tops like that were all the rage a few years back…for a hot second.

    Good grief. I wonder if models ever go to a fitting and just say “HELL NO”! Seems like a wise choice here.

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  9. Ooh, such pretty blues in this collection! The belt on the sweater is a great modern interpretation of those fantastic vintage sweater guards! And Rosie the Robot enjoying the confidence afforded to her by the addition of all those belts. I won’t be a house maid for long you Jetsons!

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