Lekala 5852- not the best start to a relationship

Lets set a tone, shall we?  Just play this while you read. I’ll supply the rest.

‘Blue Muumuu- you saw me standing alone-

Without a shape to my dress, perhaps more gut than I own…..’

I chose a Russian cover because Lekala is part of my issue today. 5852 to be precise. A company that produces some lovely and interesting patterns based on the measurements you provide- they are plentiful, they are inexpensive, whats not to love? I thoroughly enjoyed not making my usual upper neckline narrowing and other quasi-modiste adjustments I do- that was a little blessing!

Now forgive me for being critical, I enjoy looking at the Lakala site for good ideas and oh, some truly classy looks. Oh, Svetlana!



I think that the sewist must provide a judicious eye and a smidge of good taste to make this relationship work. I brought neither.


Ok, Ignore the darts that practically wink at you- I thought this looked like a cool little summer frock that I would prance in  and bring joy to the hearts of all that saw me- like I know I do. I’m wrong here. It lives up to the sad adage: ‘Just cuz they make it in your size, doesn’t mean you should wear it’.  Sorry, Svetlana, this will not attract the eye of the big tippers.


I can’t show it to you yet- let me whine a bit more. I totally did not understand the instructions. I am a sewist that reads, studies the pictures and then on occasion summons a priest or a wise elder- you know who you are, Ma’am! Couldn’t find more than 1 version out there in websville. There were no real hints for me. Ok, that in itself is a hint. Step away from the muumuu. I just winged it. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I removed the upper flap on the envelope yoke- it looked bad with the pattern print cut up so much. Sacrifice for Marc Jacobs.


it’s quite comfortable- but hey, thats the ultimate muumuu wearing excuse, isn’t it?

I enjoyed sewing it. SWELL! I could have made placemats with that attitude.

This fabric has been waiting for it’s moment for about 2 years. It’s the infamous Marc Jacobs bow fabric. It needs a pattern with minimal print breakup. I kept thinking I’d make that circle skirted gamine frock that it screams to be- which is odd- since the Jacobs is not so…..Sandra Dee. Doesn’t he look comfortable?


This pattern is perfect for the print and I even matched the print on my side seams- . It even matches my new Birthday  Betsey Johnson bow earrings from Mr B! So this should be a good thing, right?


Ok, enough dawdling. Let’s rock this muuumuu!


Before I get into the details, I’d like to tell you that I have toes. I know it looks like I have hooves here, but I swear, the shoes are a pale pink and so am I.

ok, I believe that the pattern wanted you to grab that center front pleat in a spot between my belly button and those darts and that would give it some definition. Um, yeah, no. That made it puff up like a decorative cloth napkin when I sat down. Seriously, I was like the credits to Game of Thrones. So I tried it in 3 more spots. Not instead of, but in addition to.


I also note that this yokey thing in the front makes it look like my bosom was a mail accepting portal to Santa. Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. But, I can’t be responsible for letting him know you want a pony. The pattern wants you to secure it with a decorative button, but I haven’t found just the one. I’m not sure it will help-

Lord, these pictures, I look like he grumpiest chubbster at the fair. I swear I ironed it- but Lord, it was another toasty day in Southern hell.


This dress is a slippery slope to sewing clothes with no body definition. I am so comfortable in it, I’m willing to overlook the obviously unflattering shape and just go for it. Damn, it feels good to not suck in. BUT. I turned 45 today. Perhaps all this wisdom in my seasoned soul is just making me pissy. That could be it. I can’t leave you on this note. I must find an upnote. I have other patterns waiting on me in the sewing chamber- this Slavic mishap will not stop the gaudy- I will return with something that makes me happy. It may just be ice cream.

I love this fabric- I also love the movie Pale Face- I mean really, it’s my go to karaoke song- if I actually sang in front of anyone but Bruderlein! Enjoy Frasier with me:

photo credits: pinterest, little me, Lekala, google images.

70 thoughts on “Lekala 5852- not the best start to a relationship

  1. Carol G says:

    Happy birthday. My taste is probably in my feet, but I kinda like this on you but then I haven’t seen 45 in decades and bodycon just aint my thing.


  2. It’s your birthday, but you always gift us with your lovely humor! 🙂 So, happy birthday from one pale pink woman to another! 😉 I have to admit, I’m not usually a mumuu fan, but this one is the nicest I’ve seen. If it starts to bother you, you could always try adding some fisheye (what a terrible name!) darts to it. Pin them in and see what happens. Or just leave it and enjoy as is, either sounds good. 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday! Nice choice on the earrings, Mr B! Love this fabric, and the style on you is great. The yoke (is that what you call it?) looks just a tad like it’s pulling across the front to me…and I see what you’re talking about with the tucks and things. But, in all, I think it has great possibilities! Heaven knows it’s a relief to wear loose fitting clothes in the dead of summer here in the Carolinas! 🙂 I LIVE in tunics!

    Enjoy it!


  4. It’s not that bad Birthday girl. But I think it needs that front pleat, and I think the yoke is a teeny bit constricting at the base. Maybe worth giving the pattern a bit more love and improving it? Anyway, hilarious post, as ever. I love the man. Hmm. Very interesting idea.


  5. Oh dear, something is not working on this dress. You usually GLOW in the clothes you make but not here. I love the fabric, but don’t think this is the right color of blue for you. I have had a series of wadders and I swear my boobs have expanded. Must be all the upper body machines at the gym. 🙂


  6. Happy Birthday! I think I’m with you on this, it may do for the weekends, but it’s not doing much for you unfortunately. Chop it off and use it as a top or skirt maybe? Looks like there’s enough fabric to turn it into a maxi skirt [especially as you have some extra..] Cute fabric, just too much of it. Now, as a maxi skirt, teamed with a cerise tank top…


  7. Happy Birthday! Maybe better as a tunic……but it’s not so bad really. Did it help having a personal sized pattern? If so, then you’ve discovered something good!


  8. Happy Birthday! I blame the yoke. They never seem to flatter any over seven years old, save the mini boobed. Could some more flattering line be devised for this? I notive the pattern illustration has it made in a plain satin,the least forgiving fabric in the store. Insane.


  9. First of all… The happiest of birthdays to you! As to the dress, I say wear with pride. After a couple of outings I reckon that you’ll know whether it’s a keeper or whether it’s destined to be re-modelled.
    Doesn’t make you any the less fabulous.


  10. I think the yoke is the main problem. A bit too tight, making the girls wrestle their way out from under it. The fabric is truly gorgeous – please find a way to use it again if you decide this dress isn’t for you.
    And Happy Birthday you youngster 🎂


  11. Happy Birthday to our favorite sewing comedian!

    As for the dress, the overall silhouette looks good. Agree with others the yoke looks like it’s not shaped right for your girls…too long? (Looks as if your upper bust shaping starts higher up.) The front pleat probably doesn’t suit anyone with shapely boob. Stitch it close? (Try basting first of course.)


  12. So wear it because it’s comfy! I think it’s cute, and I like the relaxed silhouette on you. Lekala is a different kind of fun, it’s interesting to venture into it’s approach. I have one, a shrug-type thing, still not sewn, but I keep looking for more to try.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Happy Birthday! Re the dress, if you love it, wear it. The material is beautiful but it needs something to break up all the horizontal-ness. A belt maybe?


  14. Happy Birthday! I think with your extra fabric you have the makings of something pretty and flattering. My first impression looking at your photos is that the bows form horizontal stripes, and maybe would be much more flattering if you could turn them diagonally in your next reincarnation. Give it a try.


  15. Your devoted Finnish reader says:

    Happy birthday! And thank you for the best sewing blog in the universe. I follow many blogs – usually just browsing them very quickly because the majority of them are quite boring as we all know. You truly are something else! I never knew that a sewing blog could be this much fun. Reading your recent post made me laugh out loud. Keep up the good work!


  16. Happy birthday! Love your Johnson earrings – good job, Mr. B! I can relate to this post on so many points (same milestone this year; love-hatred of shapeless garments….). And I have no good advice except if you don’t love it, recycle it, recut it, save the fabric…. I do agree that it seems to be too much of the same wonderful fabric. Anne, you gotta mix this up someway somehow, and then, imveryho, it will feel like it belongs to you and perhaps you’ll be much happier with it. I think the print in the fabric is lonely. Got any possible mates in your stash?


  17. splendidcakes says:

    I was absolutely certain that you were about 35… it would be terrible to say you suck on your birthday, so I won’t. Happy Birthday!


  18. idaaidasewing says:

    Happy birthday from me too!! i actually like this dress and i think it looks good on you but that’s just my opinion. I understand what you mean about the instructions, they are so so limited and difficult to understand, it actually makes me feel less stupid that they bothered you too despite being more experienced. The good thing is they have someone stand answering and giving additional information by email.


  19. I’m not mad at it! But I am a fan of tent-y dresses. I do think it could use and inch or two off the hem. Would you consider trying it shorter? You look great in that deep blue!


  20. I like your dress, the fabric and the colour are beautiful. It is infinitely preferable to the purple monstrosity on the pattern envelope. However if you truly hate it then chop chop and recycle. Happy Belated Birthday, you are a baby yet. 🙂


  21. Deb says:

    Try Bootstrap Fashion. Same program as Lekala, not as many patterns yet, but easier to read instructions. And Yuliya is great. I’ve never had such good customer service.


  22. I actually like this, but then again I am a Known Wearer of Muumuus and as such my opinions are not to be trusted. I feel like this is a different color for you, and it’s super killer with your hair and coloring! Also, happy belated birthday! Hope the doxies pampered you like the princess you are!

    Liked by 1 person

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