Wearable Wednesday Kilian Kerner

‘Please forgive me Thurston, but I just feel that if you marry Rhonda, you will come to a bad end…’


I hate to get all hung up on pattern placement, but this seems unfortunate.


Welcome to Our Lady of Shapelessness. Sister Bernice will help you into your sack cloth.


‘No Celeste, I will NOT hold your cat while you go on the runway again’


There was something hot and sinister about Maggie the arc welder…..


Why, just why?


photo credits: style.com.All images remain the property of their original owners.

52 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Kilian Kerner

  1. Nice of the designer to allow that last model on the runway so soon after her neck surgery. Creepy sandals and quilted welding sack dresses. Poor Sister Bernice, so misunderstood while trying to protect the novice’s modesty!

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  2. Okay, someone is probably going to send someone to take me away for this but I like the spider. And the last fabric but not that dress. They should have given ME that fabric. I could have saved it.

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  3. Hmm, I liked the dress with the embroidery, then I realized that she had a spider on her boob! Then with the second one I figured this designer was all about inappropriate pattern placement. The rest are just boring baggies to me. I wonder how much these cost… And can I get a job like this!



  4. sewbussted says:

    I think it might be a case of “Made you look!!!”
    There are 2 redeeming pieces, the pink skirt, nice lines and the final dress, minus the neck brace of course 🙂
    Thanks for the fun!

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  5. Marrying Rhoda would be a mistake, Thurston, and holding the cat while Celeste walks the catwalk. How do you even come up with the names never mind the hilarious commentary…?


  6. Do some of them have shoulder pads? Some of them just look broad shouldered, though. It just adds to the shapelessness. I sense that shoulder pads are creeping their way back.


  7. GAH! What in the world was this guy thinking? How shapeless and boring can I make clothing? Good grief…and the shoes…! So unflattering for these poor models. Is anyone else getting a little tired of all the seams showing up? It’s like…”hey, I can make seams, so wheeeeee”!!! This is just sad 😦

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  8. susan snow says:

    Look at the faces on the models. They look so sad about having to wear these terrible garments. If only they could hear your brilliant commentary, maybe that would cheer them up!


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