Wearable Wednesday Christian Dada

Who’s a sad little bear?


‘I waited all day in  the rain, but the Ace of Base concert was sold out…’


Is that a 2nd bear hat or….. what?


‘What? You said wear dress pants, I wore dress pants.’


‘Ok, Tinman, once we’re in the castle, then what??’


I’m having flashbacks to my ex motherinlaw’s fancy powder room  back in Dunellen, NJ.


Alright- no more comments- I see you are pretty angry!! But save some hostility for the designer who made you wear- OK OK! I’ll quit!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

30 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Christian Dada

  1. It’s bad enough when you have to wear dead animals on your head but made into shorts? None of these fashions has any relationship to another in color or fabric or style…a nightmare for sure and the models reflect that! Like Kim asked…what WERE they being paid?


  2. It’s all SO depressing. And weird. Like what you’d wear to a funeral on Planet… I’m sorry, I can’t think of a single place where any of these would be appropriate.


  3. WHOA! Who gave that designer money for fabric? Those bear pants – and shorts – are the saddest things I’ve seen in YEARS! And the ill-fitting ‘dress pants’ and top…did this guy ever pass the class on fitting? NOTHING looks well proportioned or fitted…it’s all just bleech! As sad as the fake viney plants that are serving as a ‘back drop’. I’d ask where on earth you found this “designer”, but I’m afraid to know…;)

    Fav commentary: “Who’s a sad bear”…kind of sums up the whole mess!


  4. Your comments, and the commentators comments, make me scream with laughter. Every single week. Ace of Base. Fancy powder room. etc. etc. It’s funny how these jokes seem to work in so many different countries. I don’t get half the references but they are still hilarious.


  5. “But I *did* wear dress pants.” Bwahahahaha! Love it. The last jacket with the asymmetrical zip would be something my DD1 would snap up in a moment…. if it wasn’t some plasticky pretend leather fabric.


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