Butterick 6170

For the last 50 years, Butterick has relied upon services of Phillip Lack and Arnold Luster to design their pattern envelopes. Surely you have seen the work of Lack/Luster?  Their mission statement is basically to allow the sewist as much freedom of inspiration as possible, by providing no inspiration on the envelope.

Butterick 6132- Don’t throw your jaw out yawning.


This was another one that the cover looked so…..’ok, I’ll just use the sail to make a dress until the rescue boats come-‘


No, missy- don’t you turn around- I can only take so much! I honestly can’t say how this got into the buggy. Usually the hubs grabs the patterns from the bins as I call out numbers from my tuffet er, seat at the pattern books.  He’s quite helpful- he’s gotten patterns for other people if they call out a number and a size. But, usually, he will have a comment about the style- something charming, like- ‘planning to start fencing?’  ‘Please tell me it’s a gift’ or ‘oh yay, we’re going to Comicon!’ So rarely does a clunker slip past him.

Well- nice thoughts:

It’s good for our hot ‘if that fabric presses against me one more time, I’ll take lives’ weather.

It only took a short amount of time to make.  Of course, a mud pie from the yard is also a quick make, but not as yummy as a souffle…

Mr B liked it. Sometimes, I just never know. He’ll probably claim he found the pattern on purpose. He’s like that- he knows everything. It makes telling him he’s wrong a true ordeal. It’s my cross to bear. Sigh.

This was supposed to be a quicky top to use up fabric from a dress I cut out at the same time- but I made it first, so now it looks like I just plan very poorly!!! Details:

I shortened the sleeves about 2 inches. Again- left over fabric, I weaseled this all the way! By the by- I prefer to inset sleeves- I find them easier to alter and just lay better. I must make a note to ignore the instructions more.

Once I got the pleaty business on the left front set, I realized it could be secured a bit more to almost create a defining shape. But I hated the look of it- it looked too much like I was seeing the back side or something. Too structural- so it times of great want-  we slap a bow on it!


Perhaps not the most mature looking detail, but I liked it with a little black buckle- so there!? Extreme bow closeup:


Ready for the yard  pictures? Well, too bad. Its mucky out and the camera is being mean. So my plan was to sneak some shots in a corner of the bedroom. I was able to get about 3 before the usual happened.


Well, first the camera kept tilting. I wedged a bookmark under it to keep it straight, but a full length shot was just not happening, so I decided to pose on the steps the pups use to get on the bed. Yes, we are THOSE people. Not only do dachshunds sleep on me- they use their own carpeted stairs to do it. No judgement, it cuts down on the heating bills and any ridiculous ideas you could have about sleeping in all day like a sloth.


Alright, I must be quick with my review, the pups are coming.Why oh why do shapeless shifts always seem to want a pointless back seam? It had all the curve of a good 2×4. So I just cut on the fold and figured a fish eye dart or 2 could work, but it didn’t really need any- or should I say, I didn’t have room for any? Whatever. I think this pattern leaves a lot of room for color play, blocking and  a serious statement piece fabric. Don’t be surprised it I make you look at this again sometime- this was sort of an unplanned event with left overs, but its so comfortable and yet I don’t feel tent-wrapped. Me likey. Not a pattern to replace all others, but a good staple for the arsenal.

I like this top more than the pictures show, but the melodramtic feel is probably  because I am fresh from the photo shoot so any ounce of self-worth I felt is gone with the chins, as they say.


We ended up with 2 photo settings here- me in focus or a cute dog in focus. Never the twain did meet!?


I also encountered the ‘Victorian ghost dog’ phenomenon- behold- my supernatural out takes!


photo credits: little me, pattern review, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

52 thoughts on “Butterick 6170

  1. It’s like your dog is made of lightning! But seriously, this is a good solid pattern, and the bow absolutely makes it better as does the subtle contrast you’ve added in the sleeves. The back shot of the pattern model is hilarious–what on earth was that poor girl’s direction in the shoot? What is it about bad pattern illustrations? On the other end, I’ve gotten carried away by excellent pattern illustrations and ended up making things that were 100% wrong for me. Somewhere between Srs. Lack and Luster there has to be a practical give you the info style of illustration that also doesn’t deceive.


  2. I really like the two fabrics together and the little bow. And the doggies. And Lack and Luster just sounded so believable when you gave them the names Phillip and Arnold. Yes…


  3. Connie says:

    I like this top and your fabric choices are excellent. BTW cute dogs, but you knew that. I always enjoy your posts, you have a wonderful sense of humor. We need all of that we can get.


  4. You know, in our house we have these things called “doors”–they work great at keeping kids and wayward pets out. Ours came with the house, but I’m pretty sure you can buy them from Lowe’s or Home Depot… 😛

    Anyway, cute tunic! It looks so lovely on you! And I’m finally starting to come around to the asymmetric hem thing… 🙂


  5. And now I need to hunt down this pattern! Unsurprisingly I had never noticed it before either – no doubt due to the talents of Lack/Luster. You look fab. And what you look fab in often tends to be similarly fab for me! Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Adding the asymmetrical feature and the belt…genius…taking a really lack luster pattern and whipping it up into something memorable…go Anne! So glad you did not go with the weird collar!


  7. ellegeemakes says:

    Your husband sounds like a keeper! He goes to the pattern drawers for you and gives you his…insight(?) – hilarious! I couldn’t agree more about the pattern envelope illustrations -quite bland – it makes you turn away when the pattern could have the charm that you’ve given it with your great fabric combinations and cute bow. The side pleat is great too. Not to mention the PUPS!


    • He is very organized- he hates a messy drawer- it’s quite funny- he’s told people to sit back down- the drawers are too unorganized- he will get it for them! My busybody!


  8. They let you get your own patterns in the U.S.? That is a hanging offence in many UK stores. Your husband sounds like a keeper, as is that pattern. No judgment about the dogs – my cat always slept in the bed and felt she was being very generous for allowing us to share.


  9. “… the steps the pups use to get on the bed. Yes, we are THOSE people. Not only do dachshunds sleep on me- they use their own carpeted stairs to do it.” We are THOSE people too – but with an aged, arthritic kitty. Carpeted pet steps are de rigeur in all the finest households 😉

    I like this one on you a lot! The lines seem gentle rather than simple, and the ham is graceful. The bow is just right, too. I especially like the calm lines of the tunic combined with the busy-bitzy floral combos – very lush and a lot of motion in the prints, really nice balance with this pattern.

    I love the dog photos – i was cracking up reading this in the car yesterday. I have to send to my mom (who has her own assistive structures for short-legged dogs). Happy Day!!!


    • Why thank you! I am always looking for patterns that don’t chop up a print too much.
      This evening the lady pups had their check up and it was dachshund night- so many step owning families on parade!


  10. Yep… you did good. I mean hubby did good? I like the bow addition. I like the top. I like that your hubby goes in to the fabric store with you and pulls patterns! Men everywhere should take note!


  11. This turned out very nicely indeed! Flattering and pretty, despite the best efforts of Lack & Luster…yes, you had me there for a minute too! It must be the only explanation


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