Wearable Wednesday Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons

Mr and Mrs Cramshaw- welcome to St Trilobites!


We know that little Propecia will be a welcome addition to our program! We So look forward to her playing theremin in our marching band.


Our wide curriculum encompasses every skill from fingersmith to antebellum street miming!


Hair salon training? Well, no, that sort of field we haven’t touched on yet- why ever do you ask?

co4But we have an excellent program for Corporate ninjas!

co5Ah- here comes one of Sister Hermaphreda’s girls from her dirigible engineering studies program!


Goodness, it looks like one of our students from the cryogenics experiment has escaped- err….left class early….with permission, I’m sure. I’ll just help her back to her area.


In the meantime-Who wants to go see the Forensics  dojo?


photo credits: style.com.all images remain the property of their original owners.

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons

  1. You can hide a whole lot of something under those clothes…but don’t tell Mother Superior! I sense a real trend toward sensible shoes and ankle socks and bowler hats. Trying to imagine some of those clothes in colors…my brain hurts!

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  2. Judi in Tinton Falls says:

    Part of my brain tells me that this must be satire. The other part shouts, “The King isn’t wearing any clothes.”


  3. Oh gosh… Drops voice into whisper… I like most of these. Mind you, I have always had the tendency to stray into the territory of ‘anaemic goth wanly struggling with her many personal demons’.
    I suspect that these model students need industrial strength iron supplements, you need plenty of energy to follow the cryogenics lectures!

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  4. Jen (NY) says:

    I love almost everything here. (Admittedly, I’ve been a fan of Japanese designers since the 1980s). Might not be the thing for everyone, but it’s all quite wearable and practical in NY.


  5. I have always admired CdC since they started up eons ago when I was a wee bit of a girl. Something about their confidence in looking so messy, unfinished and comfortable in ill-fitting distressed pieces of clothes when everyone else was obsessed with perfect fit, finishing and styling. I like this collection. It perfectly reflects that anti-fashion-establishment ethos I’ve always been rather envious of. I mean, think of it! Imagine being so free and confident in your messy ill-fitting jacket that you would NOT CARE what the Chanel-clad ladies or Mr. Tom Ford thought as they looked down their perfectly powdered noses at your sensible shoes. The fit on that first dress bodice almost made me wonder why the heck I hope to get that “perfect fit” when I sew.

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  6. ellegeemakes says:

    Okay, the clothes are sad enough when you see them all lined up like that, but the girls look like they need transfusions too! The circles under the eyes, the pallid skin – – perhaps they’re victims of vampires? All kidding aside, there are a few pieces here I could (maybe) get into – like the gauzy dresses? Could be good if there weren’t part of a funeral march…


  7. It’s a Back to School special!! This one made me laugh so hard, I forgot to be horrified at the designer…:) What a crazy collection…do adult women actually wear these clothes? I would look absolutely ridiculous in them and would be carted off to the nearest rest home!

    Oh, to have so much money to waste on putting together expensive collections on odd whims…!

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  8. I love the cryogenics experiment look (and totally agree that’s what it looks like, hah)! It reminds me of a Chanel design I just saw that was lacking a certain something. This is definitely a look I’d want to copy for me, just to see if I could, and if I could wear it without looking ridiculous.


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