Mccalls 6846 & Butterick 5815 one Blouse!

My closet. A place much like the rain forest- it’s full of strange brightly colored plumage and occasionally, a wild cat napping by the wreckage of a small Cesna……


Ok, it’s not that bad, the Cesna is actually a lot of quickly discarded Betsey Johnson luggage, thrown under a rack until the next Disney trip. But it is steamy and I swear, things get lost in there, never to be seen again. How else can you explain my constant need for more blouses?

Anne, you’re shallow, tribal raiders are not stealing your tops, you just get bored if you’ve worn it once before.

Nonsense!!! It is a sartorial conspiracy and stealthy monkey ninjas sneak out of the racks, try on my shit and take it away to their monkey condos in the trees. That is the only explanation that makes any sense.

So anyhoo, I made another top, because if you have a uterus, you are nodding right now as I say truthfully,


The only thing I have less of than clothes is blouse patterns. So Bruder and I got out the patterns and I flung fabric hither and thither and he gave me sage advice based on how comfortable each piece of fabric was to his butt. It’s a fool-proof system designed by 2 fools- how can it go wrong? Now, you may have noticed if you see me on twittr, I have a baby gate at the sewing room door because I suffer mightily from a lack of space. Ok, it was cutting table or cheetah print fainting couch and I made the logical choice. Fainting couch- maybe I shouldn’t have let Bruder vote.


So if I am cutting out I have to shoo the wee teutonic beasties out or I have a very hard time cutting anything out accurately. There is no more magnetic pull in the universe than pet tuckus to a freshly laid out, pre-washed textile. Look it up, it’s true. Ask Bill Nye. He knows.

So shoo them I did and cut out I did and sew up, I……did not. By then it was nap time. Mine. I follow closely to the wisdom of the great Helena Bonham Carter:

I just want to give you this one piece of advice: if you’re standing and you could be sitting, sit. If you’re sitting and you could be lying down, lie down.
Now, after snacks and a nap, I sewed up this little number, Mccalls 6846.


I made a few changes. Some intentional, some by default. Look at this envelope shot?! Did this ever fit this model? No wonder this puppy is OOP. I did not make this view. Self tie belt, collar that looks like a deflated life preserver, um, no. Thats not why I chose it- I looked at another view- of course, not the one featured on miss table cloth. Isn’t that always the way?

1- I liked B and D, but the front ruffly business in theory only. I but I spend a lot of time with a dangling name badge on and oh, how it annoys me. It’s the adult equivalent of a cat toy. I’m constantly slapping at it and cursing it and getting it in my food. So a blouse with a dangling ruffle fluff would just add to my personal drama??! I changed it to just do a full crossover and leave me alone! Basically I shoved the dangly bit into the shoulder seam. Also, once I did that, it seemed really odd to have the over lap on the other side, well, technically the underlap. This bugger has 3 layers in the front. Its too much for our summer weather. Skip it. One cropss over and step away.

2- Alright, sleeves. I like them, it’s not always 400 degrees here, so lets sleeve up this baby! Where are my sleeve pieces? I check under the cat, I check under me. I check in the surrounding envelopes. I check the bin. Finally I stick my entire head in the envelope like Pooh bear and harrumph. I’ve made this pattern before, where are the flickettyfilthandfoulfrostedflippin’ sleeves? Fine. I’ll just borrow the sleeves from another pattern! Enter Butterick 5815.


This brings up the question, why do I keep buying similar blouses? Check out the tech drawing of 6846- looking pretty similiar here, am I right? View D, I’m eyeing you.


Huh, if I keep buying similar blouse patterns, why have I only sewn the same 3 repeatedly? I’ve got to stop. I vow more viewing of the tech drawings, less getting sucked in by a new cover that promises something I already have at home. This rule will not apply to candy with holiday packaging. That I will continue to buy. Thats different.Sweet gobs of crunchy dyed sugar, come to mama!

So anyhoo. I changed the sleeves, the ruffle and added 3 inches to tunic it. I also made self-bias for the neckline. If you change 4 things can you officially say you designed it yourself? I suppose not. I still feel like the pattern company should get credit or blame for my folly! Here I am- looking  a little shifty for some reason.


Stop mocking my reading habits, people, everyone keeps noir by the bed. Now, for those with a keen eye, you will notice my sleeves are identical- not mirroring each other.  Why? Is it my usual lack of attention in the sewing room brought on by watching trashy tv and lack of focus. No, I have another top made up from this pattern and the sleeve that has the front folded in the other direction is a feistly one! Always in my way- it hampers me while I’m working or trying to discretely double dip a chip. So I made them both the same. Anyone else have sleeve smothering issues?


Next time I make this, I’ll try some color blocking and for the sake of belting it, I shall raise the over flappy business to get out of said belts way. Does anyone else get this much help in the photo area? Silly Helmut!


My usual busy print makes the crossover hard to see in some shots, I have highlighted it for you here:


Flannery would like to take a moment to ask if anyone is up for Jungle January 4- any ideas would be appreciated- 4, can you believe it???


Alright everyone, have a lovely week and remember- gaudy fabric needs love too!

photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images. All images remain the property of their original owners.

30 thoughts on “Mccalls 6846 & Butterick 5815 one Blouse!

  1. Love the print and sleeves…who gives a rat’s ass if they don’t match? The crossover lays really nice and are the sleeves faced? The insides look so nice and bright, not at all like the wrong side of fabric. The colors and dimensions of the motifs are very flattering and the matching do-rag/headscarf makes a jaunty statement!


  2. Agnes says:

    You have made me want B5815, drat you! I have it in my stash, and have not one, but 2 fabrics that would be perfect for it, but I’ve been sulking and ignoring it to punish it for having that crazy wide neckline which will make me look like Jabba the Hut! Why does every pattern seem to have this shoulder to shoulder neckline? And don’t bet me started on how low the back neckline is! Why am I bothering you with this? Because you made me want a pattern that I’ll have to re-jigger the neckline for. And I hate re-jiggery of any kind. Not as hard core as our Justice Scalia, what with the jiggery-pokery and all. But hey, I’m not one of the Supremes.
    And hey, nice blouse! Love your fabric!


  3. One of my best mates asked me the other day if I ever make things and never wear them. For sure I answered, it’s like buying cheap stuff, wear it once and then discard it. If it makes you happy, sew as many ‘similar’ tops as you like – it’s the same as shopping but more fun!
    Your animals obviously approve.
    What, no pigs?

    Jungle Jan – Already??

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Marry me. With every post I love you even more. 😉 Seriously though, your posts always have me literally giggling with glee (or madness–jury’s still out). And yes, I am hoping for another year or so of Jungle January. It helps get me out of the color rut that I seem to be in all too often. And it’s just so fun to see the roundups, though I’m sure they are a lot of work.


  5. Very nice – great idea with the sleeves if the other one was annoying you.. who’s to know it was supposed to go on the other way? I have some animal print in a shade of blue that will go with my new not so snazzy uniform blouses and will be waiting to be made up into a nice cardi me thinks.


  6. Love the sleeves, never thought about a style like this but it looks really special.
    And I would love to participate in the Jungle Sewfari Party next year, what do you think I have been keeping this pink cheetah cotton for^^
    I fear my feline roommate wouldn’t talk to me anymore if I forced her to share her kingdom with a daxhound, but at the moment I am not sure if welcoming a furry wiener couldn’t be more important than a crack in my cat’s ego.


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