Wearable Wednesday Dimitri

Well, all those times Father screamed, ‘For Gods sake Leslie, put a shirt on!’ finally sunk in.


Oh,this- yes. So nice its distracting me from the other model needing more fabric back there!


Worlds tightest pants + 1 ton of fringe = bathroom hilarity!


Ladies, the bus driver doesn’t have all day, please have your tokens handy!


Yes to this- altho I think they should check her for scoliosis. No shade, its a health thing.


This collection is all over the place for me! But I kind of like this one- cuz I always loved Judith Light as a sassy 80’s tv  sitcom mom.


Did you know silver polish can help with chafing?


Sigh. Yes Wanda, we get it- you went to Marrakesh with Lenny Kravitz, enough already?!


The models face seems to be saying, ‘Dude- enough with the coins already?! ‘


Fine. Because of your attitude, Betheny gets no jewelry!


photo credits: style.com.All images remain the property of their original owners.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Dimitri

  1. All over the place for me too. I like the brown chiffon dress, did the twelve inch skirts, fringes and flares first time around. I have too little middle vertically and too much middle horizontally for the oversize shirts bunched around wide belts. Stringing your old drachma round the hips is rubbing things in a bit isn’t it?

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  2. Oooo! Colors! I love yellow and blue together and pink with anything. I like a lot of these pieces. Most of them wouldn’t work for me but I can still admire them from afar.


  3. I like the second coat fabric. Don’t know if I could wear it on the bus though. And the fifth brown dress. I see some short skirts, no shirts, and small bikinis there! And I think I want “crotch jewellery” too! No fair! Some nice colours and fabrics there, but not quite enough! Judith Light indeed!

    “A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers.”


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  4. Hm, not feeling this collection. Aside from whether or not it’s my style, it just doesn’t feel cohesive. And the coin jewelry looks kind of sloppy, like an afterthought. Maybe Dimitri’s next season collection will be better.

    However, your commentary = priceless! I had a hearty guffaw this AM.


  5. Jen (NY) says:

    Wow, that first bikini looks a little to anatomically correct from a distance, if you know what I mean. (Pre-Brazilian days). Not to mention the odd ‘token’ placement. Bikini number 2 brings to mind either a female codpiece (what would one call that, even?) or a metal chastity belt contraption. Beyond that, I like this collection for the most part, even though it is a rather festival-costumy.


  6. Takes me back to 1969…the colors and fabrics and dangling bits and Moroccan vibe, the fringes…but those belts…I’m sure they are worn to keep the tummy from growling from lack of food.How can grown women have concave thighs without Photoshop? Hope there is a Snickers bar in those tiny purses for later!


  7. I’m torn here, some of this stuff (like the first outfit and the caramel dress–in ANY other jewel toned color!!) is gorgeous, and some of it is just a bit too “I’m bringing the 80’s back” for me.


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