Wearable Wednesday Au Jour Le Jour

Now I do not speak french, but I believe this translates to ‘today I did ill-advised things with fabric and glue’.


When a budding teen designer makes these, we applaud and encourage. When a designer expects $800 for it, we plan an intervention.


I saw a toddler in Target wearing this- wasn’t cute there either.


Isn’t this Ringo Starrs exact wedding ensemble?


Did Chloe Sevigny sponsor this collection?


Ginger should have asked for the ‘right of refusal’ clause in her modeling contract.


Yes, the ancient art of slip wearing has officially died.


Don’t scowl Erica, you got off relatively easy with this outfit. Or are you trying to figure out what a kitchen mixer, hand grenade and suitcases have in common?


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of the original owner.

48 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Au Jour Le Jour

  1. Just looking at these makes me feel like a kid again.

    (I swear I had a Trapper Keeper with the exact same floral print as the “toddler in Target” pants!)


  2. Suede hot pants…really…are they coming back? The rest of the airy fairy fashions are so copied from past decades. I have a glue gun…I am prepared to create…the last dress is a perfect nightgown with pockets for midnight snacks and the remote control.

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  3. sewbussted says:

    Being the man of class that he is, Ringp would not have paired the striped Keds with his suit 😉
    Now for the hand mixer, grenade and suitcase….maybe a commentary on women being stuck in the kitchen?????
    Always fun 🙂


  4. Babysittingwear? The tots occupied adding some cut outs of their own. The blue top with flower appliqués somehow calls to mind a wincyette nightie cut short. I think its the neckline.


  5. Jen (NY) says:

    Wow, never expected elementary school styles to be revived–by anyone, much less a French designer.

    Also, the spread looks like it was shot in an area off of someone’s kitchen or something.


  6. Love Ringo Starr’s wedding outfit!!! Want!!!! And I love Ginger’s pants and shoes (but nothing else, in that outfit, whew). The rest….well, the designer did include a grendade…:-p


  7. Agnes says:

    I confess to having had a blouse eerily similar to Ginger’s tiered sleeve number when I was 13. Except my sleeves were a bit pouffier. I was seriously in love with it and had spent all my birthday money on it. But I got tired of kids (and some adults) yelling “Ahoy, matey” and “Give my love to Long John Silver” whenever I wore it. I see now I was just ahead of my time. And in the wrong country.


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