Wearable Wednesday Alena Akhmadullina

Erica earned extra money as a human buffer at the car wash on 3rd avenue.


I believe that Sasha is trying to sneak her 2 ferrets into Disney World!


I would have totally worn this to Bob Ross’s funeral. Look at those happy little trees! Sniff, sniff.


If you look closely- she has a hare-y crotch. I’m sorry that was beneath us or should have been at least.


Best running out to buy cold medicine at 3am outfit ever!


Welcome to Fall 2015 Fashion Week- sponsored by Jiffy Pop.


Hey, Foxy!



photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

55 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alena Akhmadullina

  1. Love Bob Ross..he would be proud to have his artwork on clothing! “Some days you feel like a fox, some days you don’t” would be a good title for this collection. The poor popcorn twins just are so pissed that they had to walk down the runway together and what’s up with the mismatched earrings on all the models? Was there just a grab bag of accessories and you could choose? Some gals got the fox clutch bags, some didn’t.


  2. Scowling models, stuffed toys designed by three year olds, and popcorn, is this a ratty kid theme? But the fabric of the Ross funeral dress is gorgeous, and the fit of the bodice on the hairy crotch dress is beautifully fit tied!


  3. I know it can be difficult to place motifs when you have one of those cute prints but ……..anyone else thinking of the infamous fox going to ground tatoo when they look at those black pants?

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  4. The foxes look like mosquitoes to me, or is that just the ones that live round here that bite me?
    Good grief! Have I been bitten by foxes for years and not mosies? I’ve been using the wrong antihistamine…. definitely need that 3am outfit for getting the right stuff.

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  5. hmmm, pretty bad…I might actually wear the fox sweater if it just had one fox on it, but then I did always like those creepy stoles with the fox heads. From time to time we all must channel our inner Joan Crawford.


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