Give it up for my little black t-shirt!

I think my black t-shirt is trying to break up with me. Seriously. You know when a relationship is new and you can’t wait to spend time with each other? When you see each other in a crowd and you know- pray- hope that they are coming toward you- that you are the one they want to be with? Then you wake up one day, eager to see that one that you love- that fits you, that understands you and they are just ‘meh’ about you? They start avoiding you- they hide behind the goosey cardigan and hope that you will just pass by- when they used to be so happy when your hand would linger over them, then slowly slide them off of the velvet hanger and ………

I can’t go on. I feel like our love has died. But little t-shirt, you knew what I was- you knew I sewed without a plan! Don’t deny it, yes, you knew there were other t-shirts and cardigans bought on a whim- but you knew how heavily I’d rely on you for the support you give- little t-shirt- you complete me!!!

So I guess we need to spend some time apart. I’ve unconsciously created a capsule wardrobe of things that only match you. But you want me to see other people and I get that. I’ve become clingy, needy and there was that business with the ranch dressing last week- you don’t forgive easily.

But first, you need to fulfill your destiny and attend a few more functions with me- WHAT ABOUT PROM BLAINE???? WHAT ABOUT PROM???


Also you are the only thing that matches my last 5 projects.

Let us once more climb onto our all-terrain donkeys and descend deep into the VALLEY OF THE UNBLOGGED!!!!! Why are these unblogged? They come out of the closet all the time! They are nice little staple pieces.

Well, it’s about shame. I’m embarrassed by my failure to make a full ensemble for them- I love and resent the black t-shirt that I wear all too often. Also, I can’t get excited about blogging anything that contains the sentence: ‘I wear it with a black t-shirt from Target’. It feels like I’m not really bringing it!!



No excitement at all. Anyhoo…..


Here’s Burda 6770– my foolish Gwen Stefani crossover pants. So comfortable! I think I overdid the crossover part, I didn’t want it to look like I just had my knickers were in the proverbial twist. But since I throw on a Target cardigan and the black t-shirt, I’ve never blogged it. Whats to say? I’m not a blogger of staples.

burda 2
Here’s Vogue 9020. I bought it for the top, but haven’t found just the thing yet. So during a Textile Hoarding Closet culling, I grabbed it and actually put in a zipper. Yes, I can do that. I honestly can! I did make a change to this- I moved the zipper to the side seam and deleted the back seam all together. I find a side zip lays better on me- than the center back of a skirt- I get a stegosaurus ripple sometimes. Ignore the crazy eyes- Mutty was tickling me.


See how fab it looks with this black t-shirt and cardigan from Target?!
Now this one’s a twofer! The vest is Butterick 6077– fully flippin’ lined too. See another thing I can do that you’d never guess, right? It goes wonderfully with my black t-shirt and a skirt I love- Simplicity 1662, but it’s a simple elastic waist with a cross-over, who needs a review of that? Isn’t it great with this little black t-shirt???


Here’s my Studio 54 blousey jacket. Its Butterick 6065– does it make you think of the ‘POP Music’ video? It does me. Sadly, it matches nothing. That’s why the fabric was just a closet decoration for so long- anything I try with it looks sort of dated and weird. Maybe I can make a nice Olivia Newton John headband with a black t-shirt!!!!!



Wait!!! Don’t click delete!!! I have so many more pieces!!! I’ve got a boat neck black t on hold at Kohl’s! Don’t leave!!!!!!!

Ok, I know you all feel like Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion in the poppy field- soooo sleeeepy. I hope you’ll tune in next time for a passionate blog post about all the things that match only my black denim leggings! Now where are they hiding……….

photo credits: google images, little me.

46 thoughts on “Give it up for my little black t-shirt!

  1. sarahstar68 says:

    Oooh, so many NICE trousers and skirts! Particularly loving the rainblow leopard-print! But yes, I concur: for those of us with a love of colour & pattern, sometimes only the simple black T can help. As it happens, I have the EXACT same black T-shirt, but since it developed small ‘bulletholes’ around the belly, there are many skirts that have gone unworn…


  2. bimbleandpimble says:

    You and that shirt are totes going steady now – though I bet all your printed tops are hiding in their bedrooms shoving fistfuls of cheetos in their mouths and crying over how you dumped them 😉 I love those Burda pants – they are freaking rad!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ellegeemakes says:

    So many nice things here! I would die for those Burda pants, I have a passion for black tees and haven’t that are passed their prime that I will not part with.


  4. Anne, those crossover pants – I’ve gotta make them, they look comfy but still stylish. The black T is completely a staple I wouldn’t be without. I have to force myself to not wear my favorite 3/4 sleeve, scoop neck, black tee every day.


  5. Yep I have a whole drawerful of black t shirts, all made by me and all worn regularly. You need to beat yours into submission. I have deep envy over some of your coordinates. Wish I had this fabric in my stash.


  6. Leigh Ann says:

    I actually really love all of that, especially the Simplicity 1662. But I have kind of a uniform in a way: a tee shirt of some color almost everyday, usually with a skirt that I made and a scarf or a sweater if it’s cool. And since I have share your affection for prints in the things I make, the tee shirts are solid colors. Black tee shirts: they rock. I hope it’s just a lover’s quarrel and you make up.


  7. heehee! my bieest shopping expedition in the last six months was to Sears to swoop up three tees on deep sale – $7 each, one heather grey and two black.

    I love outfit posts!!! we need to know how to actually wear the things we make – it’s the last frontier of sewing info on the internets! snorgles to the poochies for me ❤


  8. Love the collection, especially the striped skirt! Wearing a black t-shirt is great if you have good coloring and great hair…if you don’t you need some help in the make-up area or you fade away. Wearing black close to my aging face makes people think I have been up all night sewing…wait…I have been! Love the darling red cardigan!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The Burda pants are awesome, and no doubt whiny black tee is jealous of such fantasticness. But no need for jealousy because it’s the perfect foil for the print. I had a black rtw cardigan that was equally versatile… It was soft and draped just so on my arms and I wore it until it had holes upon holes. Then I killed it to make a knit dress muslin… I do miss it periodically, though it had long outlasted it’s usefulness.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I love both the skirts. And paisley pants. Wow! For some reason print pants are out of my comfort zone but those are so tempting. (Actually, it’s not so much my comfort zone as the husband’s comfort zone, as in “things I wear that make him not want to be seen in public with me.)


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