Wearable Wednesday Opening Ceremony

Evelyn was a huge fan of Jon Snow and dreamed of joining him on the wall….Until then, she would wander the earth dressed as a black bird.


Ok, I think they threw in the dog to make sure we didn’t think she was wearing a Bob Marley image without correct licensing.


Damn it Opening Ceremony, I don’t want to like you- this belt is helping. How do you sit while wearing an Audi gocart steering wheel as a belt?


I think they are sheep dogs… Or a pile of old geisha makeup brushes.


Mom, I know where the house is- stop meeting me at the bus stop looking drunk?!


I have this overwhelming desire to heat up a can of campbell’s split pea soup…..


A streptococcus bacteria print midi biker jacket!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Opening Ceremony

  1. An almost wearable Wearable Wednesday collection – if we donate the shaggy chested tee shirt to the dogs home, give the audi steering wheels back to the playgroup, and swap the irritating prints and lush old pea green for prettier or classier fabrics.

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  2. Jenny says:

    I do actually like a couple of the pieces from this collection. The dress and sweater particularly but if you bent down quickly in that belt you would surely break a rib! I sort of, almost, not quite, like the coat (not the colour so much) but it looks like one of those items that looks good when your standing poker straight but a hot mess when you move. That model looks SO young!


  3. If the pea green coat were red it would certainly appeal to me and Nancy Reagan. The Blackbird outfit reminds me of Ricky Ricardo sleeves while he sings Babaloo but the rest are really wearable if you ditch the wheel belt buckle which is the same handle for all the purses Is there some connection between Bob Marley and Sheep dogs?


  4. Oh, I really like that burgundy/maroon dress (though typing those color names…eww) and I like the green jacket! I second that it should be red. A deep red. And maybe that dress should be black and grey.


  5. – “I don’t know… The black dress with the wings is a start in the right direction but the rest of the collection is not bizarre enough.”
    – “[sigh] I think you’re right. Hmmmm… Let’s glue a mop to this t-shirt.”
    – “Well… that’s better, but…”
    – “I know. It’s been done. We need something else. [thinking] Ah, I’ll make belt buckles from go-cart steering wheels!”
    – “Genius!”
    – “Now let’s just hope people don’t realize they can swap the belt out for one from Target.”

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  6. Leigh Ann says:

    I like most of that, too. Not the colors or prints, necessarily. But the shapes are fab. I agree, if that coat were red I’d buy it in an instant! It would look good in black or navy, too. It’s interesting that the model is photographed outdoors, more or less in front of someone’s house.


  7. Leigh Ann says:

    I meant to add, the model and the little mop dog have the exact same expression on their faces in that photo. How funny. Kind of bemused watchfulness.


  8. That teeshirt frightened me! And the belt…OY! I don’t even think my torso is long enough to support that.

    The split pea soup coat is stunning. Mmmmm what if it were gray or CAMEL!!!!!!!!!


  9. Jen (NY) says:

    Except for the pea soup coat (the style, not the color), I like this collection. Size down that Audi steering wheel a bit, and it would be totally wearable.


  10. Agnes says:

    The streptococcus jacket minus the go-cart wheel belt has possibilities. Although the pattrn reminds me more of amoebic dysentery germs under a microscope.


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