Wearable Wednesday Pirosmani

Guys! Who put that bucket of decoupage on the ledge? Guys?


Well, no, it wasn’t exactly on a hanger, but I think they want you to wear it-


No, you were supposed to razor cut her wig, not her blouse!?


My couch underside looks like this- I’m against declawing cats.


I’m afraid to meet this designers target audience.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

35 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Pirosmani

  1. Those mountains of clothes that get sent to India and ripped by a circular saw to stop employees liberating them before they can be fully shredded and turned into blankets? Save the environment, rip ’em in your own backyard, wear with pride. Who said fashion wasn’t responsible? Wallpaper paste optional.

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  2. Did someone just rummage through the dumpster behind the re-upholstery shop and stuff all the odd shaped scraps into a grocery bag? How can any of this possible have a pattern? The shoes just add the silliness along with the wigs…Lordie…I am in awe.


  3. Just returned to this and read the other comments- I actually hadn’t noticed the wigs, but we were watching ‘This is Jinsy’ last night, and they’re rather uncannily like Soosan’s hair [http://www.comedy.co.uk/images/library/people/180×200/t/this_is_jinsy_soosan_2.jpg]….meanwhile, the poor model in the last pic is obviously pissed off that her wig got ragged off her head in a catfight backstage.

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  4. Ha ha ha. I spotted the traditional lead gutting in the first picture because I am in the construction industry. Like Demented Fairy I came back for another look! Love the target audience caption best. Also just how do you put these into the wardrobe, or onto hangers? Perhaps the garments come with the model attached?


  5. Agnes says:

    Well, model # 1 obviously wandered away from the most recent Project Runway unconventional materials challenge. Someone call Tim Gunn. Someone obviously did NOT make it work. As for the others, I think we all now know what Edward Scissorhands has been up to. Mystery solved.


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