Wearable Wednesday Andrew GN

I’m coo’y today- look at this:


Look at how simple, yet fab this is!? Take note- I endorsed a solid color!


Leslie has that ‘Dad, I begged you to wait in the car- OMG- are you wearing your crocs??’ Face.


Ok, the other shoe has dropped- we have some leiderhosen wannabees-


Will anyone split this outfit with me? I get the top of course….


Can I get an amen?


Amanda– I am drawing you out across the web- you need this!!!


I love this collection so much, the ankle socks aren’t even bothering me!


Look at her- she sees the covetous gleam in my eye and fears for her safety!


Jacket! Must have jacket!


Psst- Duchess of Camby’ how about throwing this on for a quiet state dinner?


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

50 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Andrew GN

  1. What’s going on….with the exception of that blue blouse with the lederhosen (which I love by the way, even as my thighs quiver in fear) all of these are just divine. I actually hadn’t noticed the socks…I thought they were cute little boots. Gotta get my eyes checked!


  2. Jenny says:

    Well I clicked on your blog ready for a laugh and a finger point at all the hideous/comical clothes and what have you done – these are really nice!!! They are ‘real’ clothes not pantomime dame clothes. How did that happen, is this a new trend? I don’t think the tweeny model approves though. I wish I still had the figure (and youth) for that dress (?) with the blue top,


  3. Great style, great fit and amazing fabrics…what are you doing to us, Anne? Where are the howlers? Dead animals, cardboard, car wash fabrics all gone and replaced with tasteful well sewn garments that look, dare I say, comfortable and impressive and with coverage…long skirts wow!


  4. Wow! That was a break from the usual ugh! I could probably take it all. Can I have it all? Well except for the embroidered shorts. It has been a while since I wore short shorts! Especially embroidered ones. So do designers embroider by hand or by machine? I wonder if I can find a fabric like the first coat, or do I have to learn to embroider? This is very exciting!



  5. I would wear those leiderhosen if they were full-on-trousers. And I realize they are trying to minimize the model’s presence, but why didn’t they just go full-on paper doll?


  6. Connie says:

    There is hardly any snark in this post. You must really have liked these pieces and they are so pretty. I really don’t get the ankle socks with stilettos thing.


  7. I love the black dress with the flowers growing up the front. In fact I am having an embroidery stage myself at present, and these photographs have given me serious brightly coloured embroidery “floss” envy, I tell you.

    Also I think the girl is a cardboard cutout. Have a look at the expressions – there are only two poses and faces. Maybe Photoshopped. In my day we had the cutouts.


  8. sarahstar68 says:

    What’s going on?? A Wearable Wednesday that’s actually… wearable! Aside, as others have mentioned, from the lederhosen and ‘Even the Girls from Grease would snigger’ socks’n’stilettos combi, of course. That jacket in the first pic needs to be mine!


  9. Agnes says:

    I’d knock her down and steal her lunch money to get that black skirt! Who am I kidding? I’d knock her down and take her lunch money, period. Except for the odd lederhosen-like shorts, it was overall pretty nice. In addition to the black skirt, I also loved the floor length sheath dress. But why not a model over 13 years old?


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