Wearable Wednesday Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

For the discerning Oompa-Loompa bride


Cowgirl Jessie gave this 2 thumbs up- Elsie the Cow….not so enthusiastic.


I can’t even be sure what I’m seeing here- well, except for nipples, I know I’m seeing them….sigh


This wouldn’t even be flattering in Aunt Flossies bay window.


from the unaired Bewitched episode where Endora gets drunk and hits on Durwood-


Should your cape be longer than your skirt? Can I get a ruling on this?


Whoo-hoo! Opaque fabric!


I’m suddenly feeling very anti- antimacassar


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

41 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini

  1. RainDayPerson says:

    Word of the day: antimaccassar. It’s not even 6am and I know something new. Interesting that there were a few toiles in that collection… I’m tempted to go digging through my 80s and 90s home-dec stash.


  2. Butt cheeks. You forgot butt cheeks. Good grief. Personally, I’d say the designer should be forced to wear his own creations on the streets of NYC…but, somehow, I don’t think that would cause him much distress. And are legs really supposed to BE that skinny? They look like they all have rickets or something with those tiny, twisty legs 😦

    It’s pretty sad when we all get excited about a fabric that’s opaque…! I do love the color on that ridiculous sheer bluish number (with the cow hide shoes…?!?), but it would make a better scarf than anything to wear.

    Can we circulate a petition to withhold funding from any designer who proves himself without sense? Asking for a friend…

    Thanks for another crazy crop of Wednesday wackiness. Off to watch a nice Carolina Herrera or CHANEL runway now…

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  3. Bovine, boobs, butts and antimacassars…who knew all those would go together? The only opaque outfit looks like she is going fishing with grandpa’s fish basket purse. One can only imagine that these fabrics were bought at a garage sale along with sheer draperies and by adding animal print flats it was all supposed to be wonderful.

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  4. sewbussted says:

    Don’t all cowgirls wear cow hide skirts and see through blouses? Oh wait, I don’t think that’s a John Wayne movie that I’m remembering 😉
    Thanks for the fun!


  5. Agnes says:

    The opaque fabric entry reminded me of that scene in Gone With The Wind where Scarlett makes a dress out of the parlor drapes. That reminds me….I know I have something like that in my stash from cleaning out my grandmother’s apartment…Sofa pillows maybe? No. Someone might see them there. Guest room throw pillows? Check! Anyone who stays here is saving the price of a NYC hotel room, so they can just bite me!


  6. Katrina says:

    Trying to develop a scenario in which I could be pro-antimacassar, just so I can say it. I’m thinking the lady in blue could use a couple of them.


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