Wearable Wednesday Kaal E Suktae

This evening on ‘Strange thin disturbances’ we go inside an abandoned factory, rumored to be haunted and look for proof of hellish activity. Quick- over there- a haunting spector obviously escaped from an asylum- still wearing her strait-jacket and looking most demented!!


I’m chilled to the core! Oh, merciful saints! The legends are real!  The story goes: she was caught reaching for a bagel and the cruel stylists CUT OFF HER HANDS!!!!


They say you can hear her at night- wailing like a banshee and begging for something else to wear!


I’m getting a reading on the spector-graphy thing!Another haunted, soul- yearning to be freed from her earthly torments and fed a carb rich diet….


I can hear one- scrape……scrape…..scrap go the ugly soul-sucking mules of her despair!


I’m too scared to see more- oh, crap! It’s too late to run!


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Fall on Tatooine

This fall I’ve been pinning wrappy drapey, collary business and contemplating ‘Lagenlook for the larger Looking’ and it’s not the best idea. I’m too big for the crazy art teacher Olsen look. I can’t have all that bulk making me look like I have the smugglers blues.


So what happens when you combine wrap, drape and leggings? This:


Aw, crap! Now I have to pay George Lucas $500?!

I was planning to post this last week, but I let myself be derailed by a voice that has no business here, helpfully telling me that I am no swimsuit model.


Um, yeah, I know. Lucas gets another $500- hope you don’t mind if I post-date that check ,George. I’m no metal bikini girl- but secretly I prefer crazy author Carrie Fisher anyhoo!


But let’s get this little ballerina back on point, shall we? Butterick 5685. The coat that is now a vest sort of, well, actually a tunic. Isn’t this cute?


I love coats- I need to attend more inaugurations and public hangings and parades. I could so pull off a great hat and glove combo. Sigh….around here, coats are for wearing when you get out of the car to buy a slushie while the husband pumps your gas. Not exactly Jackie O. But I love the shape of this coat, so why not make it as a blazer? Or, as you go thru the stages of try on and alter, whack off those sleeves, close the front and make it a tunic?? Hey, why not make that decision after you’ve spent 45 minutes matching the print as you cut it out, so that on the finished product, it only matches on the back? Hey, thats good too! Planning is for losers!



Ok, here goes nothing- the front!


The force is strong with this collar!


Ok, here are all the amazing details, cuz I know you are thinking, ‘WHY? ERR, HOW Did you do this?’


I made the coat as directions intended, in a stretch twill from Fabricmart, binding the exposed seams with bias tape instead of lining it (too hot, we’ve covered this) and while I was deciding if I could carry it off as an open trench kind of business at work, I decided to just see what happened if I just remove the skirt facings and close it. Well, it make the pockets stick out a bit on the sides. Ma always got onto me for sticking  my hands in my pockets like a junior street hooligan, but since I was alone on Tatooine today I kept forcing them down with my hands. Much as I like the convenient snack space, these pockets may have to go, to spare my hips the extra awnings!


I’m liking this experiment, I like the way it turned out- I’m not advocating sewing without a plan, but sometimes it comes out ok. Next up? I keep eyeing this pattern- any strong feelings on the wide leg pants? I think it’s all about hem length.


photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images

Wearable Wednesday Phelan

Every year my former mother-in law would give me one of those draw string trash bag holders. Now I know she was just trying to make me stylish.


Eleanor had more than just emotional armor, Fred thought.


Always running late, Erica came straight to the runway from her paraffin wax treatment.


Word to the wise, Susan- don’t wash your sweaters and stuffed animals together- and clean your lint trap out more often.


That reminds me- time to change the storm windows out for screens. Thanks Phelan.


Anita promised she would join her guests just as soon as she finished shucking the oysters- no one could say she wasn’t the perfect hostess.


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Wearable Wednesday Blumarine

Sparkle Crotch was the pony all the Bronys visited across the tracks


Erin hated opaque fabrics- they made her feel trapped.


Nadia was a most dedicated spy- she hung from a curtain rod at the Georgian embassy for 3 weeks to find the spy!


Project Runway brings you the ‘Bed in a bag’ challenge!


This was inspired by a drunken tour of a salt water taffy factory-


In the proud tradition of celebrity children becoming models- Marshall Mathers little girl….


Oh goodie- the designer brings us the allusion of draggy bewbs.




I could see this on the right actress…or her yacht mast.


Is she just wearing the pattern tissue as a jacket?

b9It looks like a child drawing about the day their care bear exploded during art therapy.


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Burda in the great outdoors!

Fall in the south- time to wear sleeves until the afternoon. The seasonal transition wardrobe is a killer. You want to bring out all the sweaters, corduroy and wool ,but after rooting thru the bins for 10 minutes you are heat rashy and want a frosty. The closet is bursting with 2 competing seasons- duking it out like street gangs for prime space. Jets! Sharks! Paunchos! Its getting real in there.


So I’m looking at all 3/4 sleeve patterns with new interest as bridge builders. I love Burda envelope patterns. I’m too lazy for the magazine. It’s tooooo hard……


I always feel so proud of my Burdas- they used to scare me so much-


Now I totally embrace them and it may be because Burda is German for ‘Tunic’ now in my mind.


First up is a dandy little number: 6863-  I’ve been looking at this one for about a year- something about the dress version feels kind of maternity-ish. I was more drawn to the tunic. The tunic is unlined and has neck facings, the dress is fully lined. No midseason lined dress for South Carolina, thank you! It needed a little spark tho- the spark of a gaudy polyester border print!!! Why yes, don’t mind if I do!


This photo shoot was hampered by a bit of wind and overcast weather, but hey- this is the best we’ve had in quite a while!! I matched my print on the hem and the center panel is overlapped by the vented hem of said matched hem. Its really cute when it isn’t blowing away!


When I looked at the pictures I realized the fun little side darts on the tunic version really create a gnarly nip thing. Like I can’t do a princess seam or was distracted by the Dateline rerun I was watching about the lady who dismembered her husband and threw him off the pier in 3 pieces of matched Vuitton. I was horrified, yet impressed with her class.

Ready for number 2? Too bad- in for a penny, you know……


I shied away from this at first- smock and schmatta are but a lisp apart, you know? Also, elastic cuffs? Yech. Too kiddy for me. Also the neckline-self ties you leave open? Just make a V-neck if you want one. Self ties are hospital gown couture to me. Also-

elastic cuffs + self tie neck=


Evil clown suit. So what did I do? I made it in a polka dot. I’m not as clever as I don’t look sometimes.


I enjoyed sewing this- the weird little ‘x marks the bust’ dart business, the flowy waist. I did my usual adjustments- I set the front pleats in a more flattering way and took about 5 inches out of the back skirt bulk.


The sleeves I narrowed down to just a basic 3/4 sleeve and I added a bit of chain across the neckline- which went over my lollipop head without having to open it. Ready for a full length shot of this glorious and un-appreciated pattern? Too bad.


Damn flash.

photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images, icanhazcheezburger.com

Wearable Wednesday Iceberg

Welcome to Pippi’s- can I take your order?


Squid shimmy pants?


ooh, sorry Rhonda- we still recognize you.


the 1-sie that makes you look like number 2-sie.


‘Ok, so after the wizard gave me a heart, I went down to Boca and met Shasta, the love of my life….’


um, well…


Best part- it all completely folds up into a 3×5 coin purse for travel!


Angela completely forgot about the microwave popcorn packet she’d quickly tucked down her pants pre-show.


yeah, I hate it too.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.