Burda in the great outdoors!

Fall in the south- time to wear sleeves until the afternoon. The seasonal transition wardrobe is a killer. You want to bring out all the sweaters, corduroy and wool ,but after rooting thru the bins for 10 minutes you are heat rashy and want a frosty. The closet is bursting with 2 competing seasons- duking it out like street gangs for prime space. Jets! Sharks! Paunchos! Its getting real in there.


So I’m looking at all 3/4 sleeve patterns with new interest as bridge builders. I love Burda envelope patterns. I’m too lazy for the magazine. It’s tooooo hard……


I always feel so proud of my Burdas- they used to scare me so much-


Now I totally embrace them and it may be because Burda is German for ‘Tunic’ now in my mind.


First up is a dandy little number: 6863-  I’ve been looking at this one for about a year- something about the dress version feels kind of maternity-ish. I was more drawn to the tunic. The tunic is unlined and has neck facings, the dress is fully lined. No midseason lined dress for South Carolina, thank you! It needed a little spark tho- the spark of a gaudy polyester border print!!! Why yes, don’t mind if I do!


This photo shoot was hampered by a bit of wind and overcast weather, but hey- this is the best we’ve had in quite a while!! I matched my print on the hem and the center panel is overlapped by the vented hem of said matched hem. Its really cute when it isn’t blowing away!


When I looked at the pictures I realized the fun little side darts on the tunic version really create a gnarly nip thing. Like I can’t do a princess seam or was distracted by the Dateline rerun I was watching about the lady who dismembered her husband and threw him off the pier in 3 pieces of matched Vuitton. I was horrified, yet impressed with her class.

Ready for number 2? Too bad- in for a penny, you know……


I shied away from this at first- smock and schmatta are but a lisp apart, you know? Also, elastic cuffs? Yech. Too kiddy for me. Also the neckline-self ties you leave open? Just make a V-neck if you want one. Self ties are hospital gown couture to me. Also-

elastic cuffs + self tie neck=


Evil clown suit. So what did I do? I made it in a polka dot. I’m not as clever as I don’t look sometimes.


I enjoyed sewing this- the weird little ‘x marks the bust’ dart business, the flowy waist. I did my usual adjustments- I set the front pleats in a more flattering way and took about 5 inches out of the back skirt bulk.


The sleeves I narrowed down to just a basic 3/4 sleeve and I added a bit of chain across the neckline- which went over my lollipop head without having to open it. Ready for a full length shot of this glorious and un-appreciated pattern? Too bad.


Damn flash.

photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images, icanhazcheezburger.com

51 thoughts on “Burda in the great outdoors!

  1. The first tunic needs some small shoulder pads to perk up that area since the shoulders look sort of wider than normal and can droop.They even look wide on the model.The second one is so very very nice! Love the chain! You look great in polka dots!
    That clown photo…is that the scariest thing ever! Holy Crap!


  2. Agnes says:

    Pattern enabler alert! That 6972 is calling my name! Where were you during the summer when I was pining for a flowy, boho, geriatric hippy peasant top? Well, better late than never. If history is any guide, it might take me until next summer to get around to making it! Thanks for the heads up. And I think the polka dots are da bomb!


  3. bimbleandpimble says:

    You sassy tunica-ed minx! Is it weird that when I see you in not animal print i am not sure who it is? 😉 Version One is fun and sassy but Version Two is fierce!


  4. Martha says:

    Nooooooo! I want that full-length shot. It looks great and definitely inspires me. Just today I saw a woman-much-younger-and-thinner-than-me wearing a long dress with a high waist like that. I felt sad because I cannot wear that look anymore. But you have revived me. Maybe I will give it try! Thanks.


  5. Love the chain – it adds a bit of steampunkiness! I think you are totally set for transseasonal dressing with these two. Your lollipop head comment made me laugh btw. I am with you on the Burda patterns. Don’t get the mag fetish at all…


  6. I like these patterns, although I usually shy away from Burda…don’t these come without seam allowances? Like, I have to WORK and add my own? **Gasp**

    Aside from the wide shoulders on the first one (what IS up with that??) these look like great transitional pieces for the Carolinas, which is always a challenge! Enjoy them!


  7. susan snow says:

    Really love the 2nd one, the brown polka dot number. The colours are perfect on you. I too hate trying to trace Burdas, sometimes I just try to do something similar with patterns that I already have and just use them for an inspiration. Love the ready made patterns, though. Great for us larger sizes. Take care and happy Thanksgiving (It’s ours in Canada, not sure when yours is) take care.


  8. You can’t go wrong with purple! it’s a law. Plus the border print is so nice, good job with all the construction bits and bobs. Now, I love the second pattern, right up my alley, and I’ve never even noticed it. TFS! (I really hate all the acronyms on the web. Just learned what this one means. Did you know pattern review has a list of them with definitions? I always think someone is cursing at me when I find them on my blog comments, but talk about smug…I used one 🙂 Hope the weather has been kind to you…


  9. ‘Gnarly nip’ love it. Best sewing description ever.
    I love the second top… I want the pattern now… is it possible to reach saturation point in pattern collection? When is too many pattern really too many patterns? Is there such a thing?
    I love it when I get home from the beach and ask my husband ‘why didn’t you take a photo of my bum??’ which pre-blog would have horrified me if he had!


  10. They are lovely. I especially like the first one. I have a bit of a thing… no, a huge thing for paisley.

    There must be something in the air I recently started thinking about tunics and ordered three patterns this week. No Burda though. Maybe someday.


  11. Ooh, these are lovely! I like what you did with that neckline on the second one, very nice. I can never get Burda patterns to fit me very well, all those darts turn me into a befuddled kittie, for sure, so I’m dead impressed!

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Well I am glad you did the tunics, not the dresses! Especially the first “maternity” – actually I was thinking – it comes in then flares out. Into pleats! WTF (and I never say that). The orange frock is not much better with a skirt drawn by a six year old. I like both these tops on you, but especially the dotty one – amazing fit, especially in the bosom area. Great work. Well done you!


  13. Liz says:

    Honey, you are witty, funny, entertaining, but your pics are awful. Many pounds weight loss would make you feel and look so much better. I know, I lost 150lbs by low carbing. I am a sylph. look and feel absolutely gorgeous. Go on, go on, go on!


    • Ah Liz- welcome. I am aware of my larger than waif sizing and believe that while we fatties are supposed to remain in our caves like unsightly trolls, when we venture out- to buy food (lots of it of course) and make the glorious thin people feel smug, our clothing should fit and be well made. That’s where I come in.
      Congratulations on your weight loss- I’m sure you are perfectly happy now.


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