Wearable Wednesday Blumarine

Sparkle Crotch was the pony all the Bronys visited across the tracks


Erin hated opaque fabrics- they made her feel trapped.


Nadia was a most dedicated spy- she hung from a curtain rod at the Georgian embassy for 3 weeks to find the spy!


Project Runway brings you the ‘Bed in a bag’ challenge!


This was inspired by a drunken tour of a salt water taffy factory-


In the proud tradition of celebrity children becoming models- Marshall Mathers little girl….


Oh goodie- the designer brings us the allusion of draggy bewbs.




I could see this on the right actress…or her yacht mast.


Is she just wearing the pattern tissue as a jacket?

b9It looks like a child drawing about the day their care bear exploded during art therapy.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

40 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Blumarine

  1. Truly, the designer is having a laugh. He/she sucked these out of his/her thumb (or somewhere) whilst in the shower – see the above comment, so on the money! I do like the black dress with roses, but the model needs a very good feed. Some M&Ms would cheer her up no end – I scarfed a whole packet just reading this post and am now feeling no pain šŸ˜›

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  2. Hurray! Let’s hear it for opaque fabrics.

    I cannot lie; I like the yacht flag. The colors of some of the transparent bedding stuff are heavenly. But only the colors. Could I have some of those in a nice interlock knit or ever reliable quilting cotton?


  3. The trend looks like boy shorts underpants and barely-there fabrics with appliqued flowers. That saggy boobs fishing vest is a hoot…what do you think are in her pockets?


  4. oy…that saggy bewb vest… I had no idea sagginess was in style! And that Beg in a Bag contest turned out some pretty luxe PJ’s. I can just imagine sailing about the kitchen getting peoples’ breakfasts and lunches together with those impressive sleeves collecting treasures along the way.

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