Fall on Tatooine

This fall I’ve been pinning wrappy drapey, collary business and contemplating ‘Lagenlook for the larger Looking’ and it’s not the best idea. I’m too big for the crazy art teacher Olsen look. I can’t have all that bulk making me look like I have the smugglers blues.


So what happens when you combine wrap, drape and leggings? This:


Aw, crap! Now I have to pay George Lucas $500?!

I was planning to post this last week, but I let myself be derailed by a voice that has no business here, helpfully telling me that I am no swimsuit model.


Um, yeah, I know. Lucas gets another $500- hope you don’t mind if I post-date that check ,George. I’m no metal bikini girl- but secretly I prefer crazy author Carrie Fisher anyhoo!


But let’s get this little ballerina back on point, shall we? Butterick 5685. The coat that is now a vest sort of, well, actually a tunic. Isn’t this cute?


I love coats- I need to attend more inaugurations and public hangings and parades. I could so pull off a great hat and glove combo. Sigh….around here, coats are for wearing when you get out of the car to buy a slushie while the husband pumps your gas. Not exactly Jackie O. But I love the shape of this coat, so why not make it as a blazer? Or, as you go thru the stages of try on and alter, whack off those sleeves, close the front and make it a tunic?? Hey, why not make that decision after you’ve spent 45 minutes matching the print as you cut it out, so that on the finished product, it only matches on the back? Hey, thats good too! Planning is for losers!



Ok, here goes nothing- the front!


The force is strong with this collar!


Ok, here are all the amazing details, cuz I know you are thinking, ‘WHY? ERR, HOW Did you do this?’


I made the coat as directions intended, in a stretch twill from Fabricmart, binding the exposed seams with bias tape instead of lining it (too hot, we’ve covered this) and while I was deciding if I could carry it off as an open trench kind of business at work, I decided to just see what happened if I just remove the skirt facings and close it. Well, it make the pockets stick out a bit on the sides. Ma always got onto me for sticking  my hands in my pockets like a junior street hooligan, but since I was alone on Tatooine today I kept forcing them down with my hands. Much as I like the convenient snack space, these pockets may have to go, to spare my hips the extra awnings!


I’m liking this experiment, I like the way it turned out- I’m not advocating sewing without a plan, but sometimes it comes out ok. Next up? I keep eyeing this pattern- any strong feelings on the wide leg pants? I think it’s all about hem length.


photo credits: pattern review, little me, google images

46 thoughts on “Fall on Tatooine

  1. I didn’t notice the nonmatch – I guess I see to much RTW with nonmatching seams. I don’t notice anymore. I like you fabric and your design changes, perfect for that in between weather! Wide leg pants, personally, I would wear them and have made them if you could say .. Is that a skirt or a dress… Your right, it’s all in the length. Looking forward to seeing your’s!


  2. I have a couple of pairs of wide leg trousers, being a short-arse, it isn’t my best style, so has best been balanced with a nice high heeled pointy shoe or boot. The more recently made ones though are decidely summer casual, so get worn with bare feet round the garden. That’s helpful isn’t it? I like the tunic!


  3. I like your coat. The mismatch looks deliberate.. Anyway it works! I read somewhere that wide leg pants should be as long as you can get away with and the narrower the pants the shorter you can go, like skinny ankle grazers.


  4. I really love this on you. I also wouldn’t have noticed the non-matching zig zags. Since they are the same on the side, it really does look like you planned it that way! On the wide legged pants- I have a couple of pair, and I can tell you that it does feel like you are wearing a ton of fabric when you wear them. So, I like them best in lighterweight fabrics.


  5. Like others I didn’t notice the non match – I had to go back for a look. I love this style of top and your fabric is gorgeous. I think wide legs look silly if they are too short – I don’t even like the length in the illustration. They need to be long without dragging on the ground. But then again I’m a ’70s girl and never got updated so probably don’t know anything!


  6. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year and I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, so first – I love your blog! And second, I’m an advocate of sewing without a plan (sometimes a plan/design emerges) and I love this make!


  7. I didn’t notice the mismatch at first, so I doubt anyone else will either, especially if they don’t sew! I actually really like this as a vesty-tunic thing. Seems like it’s perfect for a mild winter or a cold office. 🙂 I kind of want a brass bikini now though–I don’t have anywhere near that figure, but I want one anyway…

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  8. bimbleandpimble says:

    Look at you going rogue, you sassy droid! Real talk: I didn’t notice the mismatch at all. The force is strong with this make. Oh yes, I can keep going with this level of bad SW puns…


  9. First of all, what mismatch? I did not notice and I don’t care to look for one. Second, the fuller pants need to be longer and in a drapey/somewhat drapey fabric. I made three maxi skirts this summer and they do not feel heavy, even though they would have more fabric in them than a pair of wide lag pants.

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  10. Mel says:

    I am always too bloated to even look at a picture of a belt, but I braved this one to see if I could spot the mismatch and I still can’t. By the way, the Olsen girl looks like she just cleared some barbed wire fencing.


  11. Great post, and I really like what you have done with this coat. The fabric is really lovely and I like how you have styled it. It would repay further development I’d say. I really don’t know about the wide trousers. You have such great slim legs I am not sure I want them swathed in cloth. But they could look great as you are fairly tall (I think). So if you do them I’ll be watching, hoping to learn something very important.


  12. I bought the rights from G. Lucas years ago so you owe me actually….but your lawyer will be able to sort out those little details.(I’ll make sure he/she does!)
    On another subject – turning a coat into a tunic – genius! Might even forego the picture rights on that idea. Lose the belt and let it tunic….
    Wide-legged trousers? There is nothing better in the whole wide world or even within the Galactic Federation.

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  13. I have the wide leg trousers from Wearing History patterns and love them. I do have to wear them with a more fitted top, though, for the exact reason you so cleverly pointed out. Darn you for adding another pattern to my must have list. I am now dying to make up a sleeveless coat from that one. I live in the warm climes, too.


  14. Kelsey R. says:

    I love me some wide leg pants. So comfy. But definitely longer than ankle length. I pair mine with ballet flats or heels and they do just fine. They make really nice office wear in a soft suiting fabric. Like professional looking pajamas.

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  15. Jenny says:

    The mismatching is a deliberate fashion detail – yes? I love the look of wide leg pants – on other people. Sadly I am too short, when I tried them I looked like I’d fallen into the dress up box 😦


  16. I wouldn’t have thought of converting that coat into a vest but it looks great. Fabulous collar – and brooches too.
    Wide leg trousers are great. I agree that they have to be long. Or maybe that’s just my era too.


  17. Ooh yes, liking this look! Very inspired. I reckon that print’s too fab to need pattern matching and anyway hon, the Death Star had everything in perfect alignment, and look what happened there!


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