Wearable Wednesday Viva Vox

Going clubbing, Mom, what gave you that idea? Of course we’re just going to the library!


I don’t know if I want to wear it or redecorate with it?!


I’d give my left ear to see the Middleton show up somewhere in this. Why should Princess Caroline have all the fun?


Her name was Lola- she was a showgirl.


From the e-book “35 clever things to do with leftover Christmas wrap!’


I think Portia wanted the stripey dress. She looks miffed.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

39 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Viva Vox

  1. Poor Portia wrapped in eyelash fabric and that one left earring! Even Lola was pissed she has to be the showgirl in the collection when she was dreaming of the Christmas wrap outfit.Looks like this designer loves kimono tops and obi belts…not much fitting involved.

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  2. They’re all really cute* until we get to the Christmas wrap. The last two – FAIL.

    *but way too short for girls with matchstick legs (or my opposite-of-matchstick legs)


  3. Jehanne Hansen says:

    Hey! I like the showgirl one. It evokes the lovely fashions of the 1940’s. Of course, the front slit was not the norm for the time. There were some really pretty clothes around the 1930’s and 1940’s.


  4. LOL! I SO would have snorted soda (I was going to say ‘Coke’, but then that just sounded way too awkward) out of my nose had I been drinking any while reading this! When I hit the ‘things to do with Christmas wrap’…that was it!

    WHAT is this designer doing? It’s like oversize tunics that were just too much trouble to put anything with so they belted them and called them ‘dresses’. And the fabrics are so incongruous with ANYTHING. I mean, where would you actually wear that first number? The fabric is so pretty, but then the cut…um, no. And those shoulders…sigh. Aren’t we so over those??? I want to shape up the sleeves on those tunics, too…! They’re just HANGING there…big and oversized looking. And let’s not even talk about that sad little white number at the end. That poor model is mad because she knows if she moves even slightly, that puppy is coming down. Looks like something straight out of a bad Forever 21 department…! Not sure where the designer was going with the giant flower on one side, Christmas ornament on the other…probably disguising the lack of any fit.

    Good grief. Of course, it wouldn’t be wearable Wednesday without a crazy line up…but, dang…I feel like I need to go watch the Carolina Herrera and CHANEL runways…STAT!


  5. Strangely I didn’t mind these too much except the last one. She has no waist, she almost had no dress. Apart from the length – micro mini? Really? – and the shoulder pads, some of the fabric is lovely (although the pairing of belts is peculiar to say the least) and some of the shapes are ok if you don’t count the ghastly sleeves. Oh, just realised I don’t really like them!


  6. Agnes says:

    Looks like someone scored a big stash of ’70’s bathroom wallpaper at a garage sale and decided to punish some models. Repressed rage at the thighless? So unkind! Don’t they look unhappy enough already?!


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