Wearable Wednesday Bessarion

Oh Ringo, you’re always forgetting your pants!?


This blouse is interesting enough to hopefully distract you from her RABBIT FEET?!


Lisa avoided costly baggage check fees by wearing everything she owned all at once.


Ok, your hair is kept out of the soup, but those cuffs will be sucking up some chowder.


Its just inside out right, I’m not crazy, am I?


I actually want this skirt. It would help me get over missing Roger Sterling so much.


This is giving me a pain. I’d like to see more of the dress, but the idea of that jacket belted is just too crazy.


When you are so thin that your headband can slide all the way to your calf without you noticing…..


Nobody likes clowns, Enid.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

14 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Bessarion

  1. Ruffles and belts in weird places and chokers and grandpa’s striped pajama bottoms…kooky enough? No, wait, flip that trench coat inside out and give Enid a whip and you have a real bizarre circus.


  2. That trench coat IS inside out! Look at the hem. I like it though and the black velvet jacket too. There are redeeming features to this collection in the midst of the lunacy.


  3. I missed that gorgeous velvet (velour?) wrap jacket because I was looking for the headband that slipped down to her leg because she was so thin it wouldn’t stay on her head! I’d take that jacket, and only that jacket. I love the striped PJ fabric – can I buy some somewhere? – but the rest of it… and inside out? I don’t like to see bagged hems like that… They make me uncomfortable!


  4. I like the grey ruffled skirt and the shoes the model’s wearing with it. he top matches the pants with the hyper-sleeved dress – they look like pjs. Perhaps the designer ran out of clothes and thought no one would notice?


  5. Your commentary this morning is PERFECT! There are so many things about each outfit that is wrong… Starting with them trying to strangle her all the time. Yes I am putting in my vote too that her coat is on inside out. It’s like they had to find an outfit for another model so they just turned it inside out and said “wear this”! and shoved her out there. Ya know, though, if I could shorten this or narrow that or take some of the layers away… Or ? I could make it work! I like the FABRIC of Ringo’s jacket even. But they messed it up just a bit!


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