Wearable Wednesday Aula

Ok, bear with me folks- I see alot of things happening here- but I think every look has something to steal.


Did her strap break or are those just ugly sandals?


Her lunch bag is edible too, in a pinch.


This trench.


She has post-turban headache, otherwise she’d be very happy in this outfit.


Jeri, please put the clothing on as you are instructed- stop cherrypicking the racks?!


When  she realized they couldn’t repair the sail, Lois made the best of it.

Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Aula

  1. You’re right, there are pieces here that could be made to work. I like the lacy things. Not so fond of the frayed edge things but I know where I can get clean, empty burlap sacks if I ever want to give that look a try.


  2. They are all oddly comfortable and as a sewer…the thought of never having to hem again appeals to me. Burlap bags and turbans might just catch on…they seem so environmentally friendly and “green” along with long baggy pants.


  3. Utta Retch says:

    Poor little waifs and strays. Some of them looked as if they got dressed in the dark before going out to spend the day as a crossing sweeper (Dickensian reference). Mind you, I do like the pleated skirt with the straps.


  4. Agnes says:

    The houndstooth jumper (pic #1) is a sharp reminder of what I might have been able to achieve with the jumper I made in jr. high sewing class…If only Sister Constance were more open minded! As for the sandal malfunction in pic # 2, I must confess that I hardly noticed. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that article on her head! However, I really like both coats, sans the bizarre accompaniments, and I am seriously yearning for Jeri’s baseball jacket! But again, the rest of the outfit looks like she was trying to shoplift by wearing all her finds out of the store. Hmmm. That might explain the turbans! The latest in shoplifter accessories!


  5. ellegeemakes says:

    Okay, well, I’m in to this look. The fringe is cool and the linens are my kind of thing. The turbans are ridiculous though. Honestly, I know blow-drying is a pain, but….


  6. In the middle of a winter night in Minnesota, someone banged on our college dorm room doors and said our cars were being towed. We jumped out of bed, threw on whatever looked like a jacket or coat over our pajamas and went to repark our illegally parked cars. And when we were done, we busted up laughing and took photos of how stupid we looked. This set of fashion weirdness and the one before remind me of those photos.


  7. The design of that last skirt is gorgeous. And who knew you could drape burlap? I also kind of like the last model’s sweater. But the headgear is reminiscent of old school trailer trash stereotypes….just give ’em cigarettes and fuzzy slippers to complete the look.


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