It is time………..


The Calendar says December and sure you think that means it’s time for some generic holiday season, right? No. You know it’s more than that! You feel it in the air tonight, like Phil Collins feels tiny little royalties checks!

Yes! It’s time for the 4th- yes, 4th!!! Jungle January Sewing Event and Swap!!!


Four years ago we set out on a noble quest- to bring the joy of animal print clothing and accessories to our wardrobes and the world. Some of us were scared- some of us were cheetah veterans and all of us had a lot of fun sharing our work and our sewing community!

Have you sewn along? It’s super easy- just sew something in a fab animal print- post in to your blog and link back here! I’ll have a weekly recap and jungle parade and post your work here and on the Jungle January 2016 Pinterest page- a great place for oohing, ahhing and inspiration!


Some of you know I have more ideas than skill- so feel free to snag these Tarzan images right off the Pinterest page and add to your blog so you can be one of the cool kids!


Did I mention a SWAP???? Yes, I did! Last year we had lots of fun swapping animal prints across the sea and the wide Serengeti- want to play?? Post a ‘pick me, pick me’ in the comments with your email address and a brief essay about your feelings on posting internationally. Bruder and I will pair you up 2 by 2 (see what I did there? ) and you can get your SWAP on!!!!


Oh, one more thing that Bruderlein wanted me to remind you- love the animals- be inspired by them and their beauty, but……


Not ready to commit yet? Here’s some inspirations from Pinterest:

Givenchy Resort 2016-




photo credits: little me! Pinterest.All images remain the property of their original owners.

70 thoughts on “It is time………..

  1. I’m in! (Tried to leave an essay earlier so if this is a second entry, just send me two swappers. I’ll give one to Sybil.)

    Can you remember, sniff sniff, when I could only managed animal print panties?? But put them on my head!!


  2. idaaidasewing says:

    I would love to take part this year too and looking forward to see what all the creative ladies will make! Count me for international swaping!


  3. I’m in, but not sure that I can participate in the swap as I’m away now until the first week of January and with the postal service the way it is, my recipient wouldn’t receive my parcel until the challenge is over!


  4. Hi πŸ™‚ I would like to participate in the swap and animal print sew allong. As usual I live in Norway and you said to comment any feelings about shipping international. Of course, the cheapest thing for me, would be if you can find me a swappingpartner in Norway. But I realize that might be difficult. I am willing to considder sending internationally if I find a swap that I really like. I have some dalmation print “short fake fur” , but it is bulky stuff, so it might not be so cheap to send. Still, I could check the shipping price out and send it internationally if the COSTs arent too high πŸ™‚ I really appreciate you being so active in the sewing world. I always read Your posts, and believe it or not, I have made many things, I have just been quite the slack about posting my Projects. Still you are inspirational. I have been receiving Your posts for quite a while now (you were my first “blog friend”. So I gues you are sort of special, in fact I even managed to include you in a dream the other night. Funny πŸ™‚ Kristin

    oh, if you need it my e-mail is

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  5. Kelsey R. says:

    Oooh I have been lurking in wait for this post!! Pick me!! I am ok to swap internationally. I LOVE animal prints. Ladybug, leopard, zebra, giraffe…..mmmmmmmm. Love it.

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  6. I’m keen…but have already committed to SWAP and Historical Sewing Monthly, so I’m not sure how I can slide in a Jungle January…hmmm let me ponder this one. I’ll try to get my finger out and let you know if I can commit to the swap as well


  7. Those memes are bang-on! LOL ^_^

    I’m excited to report that I am going to be participating in my VERY FIRST Jungle January! ^_^ I actually purchased fabric several months ago, knowing I wanted to be prepared this year! This will also be my first animal-print garment ever (I was going to wait until I was 40, thereby qualifying for proper Cougar status but since I am pretty sure I already qualify for Cat Lady status, I think it’s an acceptable look LOL)


  8. As usual, I’m late to the game, but I’m in. I am definitely going to finish stamping that silk with the giraffe stamps I made *last* JJ. And I hope I will actually sew something with it once it’s stamped.

    I’m also in for the swap, and I will be slightly less tardy this year. I’m okay for international.


  9. I know I’m kind of late to the party, but I’d like to be counted in, too! Missed last years Jungle January. I have made a vintage leopard weskit blouse, and I’m going to post on my blog this weekend before the end of the month. Should I send you the pictures and the link when I post? Let me know. Everyone else’s makes are so lovely and creative! Thanks for hosting this again.



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