Wearable Wednesday Pamella Roland

My holidays are tres busy- as you would assume of an aging debutante and party flower like me! So I share with you what I will be wearing to various local events- to charm the locals. First up- a pop out to the local farmers market for goat cheese and persimmon whips.


it’s brisk on the porch- I’ll throw on a wrap to go plug in the giant inflatable Santa and his 8 tiny rein-dachsies.


Off to the post office to ship gifties to the Ohio branch, then I shall do my stint on HWY 81 cleaning up garbage and such. Civic pride never takes a holiday, you know!

p3   What? Out of nog and bagel bites? I’ll just pop over to the quiky mart.


Time to go see the nephews school pageant- oh, sweetie, did Auntie scratch you? I’m sorry- I can’t resist a bear hug!


This year I’m brightening lives at the soup kitchen- best to be casual- something wash and wear perhaps.


Work party at the local Chinese buffet- it’s crab leg night and secret santa!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

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