Wearable Wednesday Naeem Khan

Now Enid, don’t make any sudden moves- I have a gun in your prominent ribs and I will use it.


You’ll never get away with it Pia- I have just activated the tracking device in my chin implant- the resistance will know our location in 4 minutes!


Foolish girl! The helicopters are already outside- not even Michael Kors and his agents can save you now!


Now who’s foolish Pia? My waist trainer doubles as handcuffs! This should hold you until the stylists return with my diet coke and the authorities!


You’ll get nothing from me! I’ll never tell you where the secret atelier of the Master is!


Hmmm…….what if I force feed you carbs and make you wear off the rack?


You wouldn’t dare! My union would have you killed!


Oh, but I would! Bwahahahaha!!!!


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Naeem Khan

  1. Morgan says:

    narrowly averted a chortling coffee/keyboard disaster when ‘my union would kill you was absent mindedly read as ‘my bunion would kill you’ .
    Hmmm, should practise how to do one thing at a time and hold back the multi-tasking.

    Great to see a wearable collection (especially the first 4) and blending in with the chintz soft furnishings may be why Enid and Pia are such good members of the resistance.


  2. Jehanne Hansen says:

    Very pretty dresses. But, where did they find those models with the freakishly long legs!? What were they fed as babies?
    If you start with looking at the feet, it is a dizzying journey to the hair do. It makes me dizzy just to look.
    I can only imagine what it must feel like to stand next to one of these women. One of us is bound to feel “freakish”.


  3. Leigh Ann says:

    Ha ha ha. But such beautiful dresses!! I love them all. My favorites are the one with the big roses (or peonies?) on them. So lovely. I like the collar on the last one; it has a vintage-y vibe that appeals.


  4. It’s interesting, I liked a lot of the garments in this collection. I think the way they chose to shoot them is what made them look questionable. Too much of a good thing in some of the looks! Naheem Khan remains a favorite of mine though!


  5. Karen Lyon says:

    What the heck is up with the floor pooling hems? Do the designers ignore even the most basic safety rules? Those girls have such prominent hips, they are bound to break them when, not if they fall when they trip over their over long hems. Regards, Karen

    Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 08:26:33 +0000 To: grumpykaren@hotmail.com


  6. Mel says:

    My waist trainer, if I had one, might possibly double as handcuffs for an elephant. Or a rhino. Or an elephant and a rhino cuffed to each other, playing the three-legged race on sports day.

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  7. Agnes says:

    One of everything, please. Fabrics to die for. But lose the collar on the last one. Speaking of losing…Calculating what I’d have to lose to wear some of those numbers…Nope. Ran out of fingers and toes. Will have to go get the calculator.

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