I just can’t leave the jungle!


A mauve zebra is:

A. A popular cocktail during the 50’s containing Dr Pepper, gherkin pickle juice, vodka and a maraschino cherry soaked in grain alcohol. ‘Boy did I love fleet week! I got so tight on mauve zebras the sailors declared me a friendly port!’

B. Sir Edwin Quagshires political career was ruined when it was discovered that he belonged to a discreet club for gentlemen that liked to dress up as their childhood governesses, cane young men and then read Pilgrims Progress to them while enjoying tiny sandwiches. He was almost able to squash the rumors  until a member of the press reportedly yelled, ‘Password, Nanny Quagshires!’ And he immediately blurted out ‘mauve zebra’ and gave truth to the tales. To this day, your grandfather may refer politely to particular gentlemen as ‘a bit of a mauve zebra’ with a knowing wink.

C. My new Vogue   8710    Knit top.


Ok, all answers are technically true- because you can put anything on Wikipedia, but let’s just talk about the top.


I made this several years ago in a paisley and it gets worn more than most of my casuals. I like that it is slightly fitted, but roomy, the sleeves are poofy and it’s just comfortable. I’ve been saying another one will be made soon, but it’s been 4 years! So, here we are!


I had just enough of this left from a Burda frock to make this. There was a back seam for no reason that I could fathom and I had enough fabric to skip it. No one hates print breakup more than little me- it makes me cry, like ASPA commercials and French dip sandwiches served without horseradish sauce. Seriously? What’s that about?!


I must admit to a little crazy- but I’ll bet no one here will think it’s odd- I totally hand colored every track of thread that went over the black stripes. I just couldn’t leave it glaring like that! All poop in the punchbowl as they say……..


 But I am far from alone out here on my picnic. Check out my other kindred zebra, Jay! We really do flock together, don’t we?


Over by the fencing- I see another fluttery bit of fauna- who’s hair I am most envious of- look at how it behaves in the wind- not like the crazy chicken on my head. Lara!!!


Ok,  it’s totally unfair to bring out the vintage guns like this- go see this outfit!!!!!!!


Symondezyn- you are the cheetah bomb, baby!


Swap update!!!!! Want to see some fab animal jammies? Go see Sewforfun!


photo credits: pattern review, little me, Lara, Jay,  Seamracer. All images are the property of their original owners.

The Native Drums are Madly Beating!

Ready? Lets go!

Meggipeg brings us a very flashy Inari! I love this one…..


Jammies- jammies that have racoons on them! Pennylibrarian knows how to take the bins out with style!


I think I like ocelot quite a lot. Especially on our Linda.


Josephine? Can we see the coolest pencil skirt ever?

DSCF0481 (2)

Mrs Bewley– please reassure the audience that I didn’t cut your head off- I love this jacket too much for that!


I knew a Material Lady wouldn’t forget me! Here she is!


Pattern Review has brought me so many new friends this month! Here’s Lisa Laree:


This is how I feel in pink leopard, too.  I love this Andrea!


I just know I could be classy if I had this, Ellegee. Come on, sharing is caring!


Fee Fii Faux Fur! Yes, this fabulous!!


Ahem, lets now raise the culture level here at the Grievance Point, with poetry and stripes! Take it away Mads.


My fabric envy is very strong right now, thank you Sara!


Leila is back! Bolero bravo!


From the overflowing stash of an amazing stylista!


Well! That was quite a lot of inspirational predator action! I’m not done yet- I have a top of my own to post and of course the spotted carpet wrap party!

Happy weekend all!

Photo credits: youtube, pattern review, Meggipeg, Josephine, Andrea, Mads, Sara, Niekemieke, Penny, Ellegee. Leila,Pia, Linda. All images remain the property of their original owners!

Wearable Wednesday Louis Vuitton

I know why the model is sad.


This wouldn’t even be a nice purse.


This would look so pretty on a girl!


Hey, don’t get mad at me- I didn’t dress you!


Can no one save us from leather booty shorts that hang like diapers?


Is this made of auto filters? Are those poison dart gloves?


Car mats! I get it now! It’s an auto theme! They’ve all been in an accident!


photo credits: Vogue.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

It’s pretty cool for zebras, too.

Good day from the Jungle Observatory! I’ve got the telescope trained on some lovelies this morning! Check out Cuttlefish in her corner- working the two’fer! This is her 3rd stop at the watering hole this year- she is a real trooper!



Sharon is probably skinny dipping with the monkeys again- I found this dress by the waterfall-


I want Hammer pants. That is all, Leila. Please admire the new Jungle Cruise captain uniform:


Oh look- there’s Katie! Snow Leopard- brrrr


Ok, I have found a new species- tentatively called- Sal‘us-Awesomus- curious? Well, this is all you are getting- go see it live- err, well- in blog liveness.


Jean Margaret brought her own foliage- thank you ma’am! Looking good, by the way!

Named Kielo Zebra6

Now here is a sewist who’s range I have admired for quite a while- Sixtiesgirl!


Valgal is quite the predator in Mccalls 6886- a must have pattern for me now that I’ve seen hers!


Sosat is definitely a lover of feline couture- 2 pattern reviews to envy!


Had I known we’d get snow this week at Grievances Hall, I’d have tried to steal Donna‘s Vogue loveliness!



One last group- Sewforfun had a real Jungle January event- go see!

photo credits: pattern review, Katie, Sharon, Cuttlefish, Pattern Review, Leila, Jean Margaret, sewingforfun. All images remain the property of the original owners.



Wearable Wednesday Giamba

Sometimes even cheetah tights can’t refresh a look.


I think her eyebrows and her skirt are both yak….


Ok, send me the fabrics for research purposes of course- well, hold the yak, m’kay?


Contestants- you have 5 minutes to make a junior prom frock from flocked tissue and  3 bicycle tubes- you only have a grommiter to help you- GO!!!


Does anybody else miss Squeeze? I loved that band….


I also miss Big Country. Where is all this coming from? Hmm….


After Andy’s accident, Raggedy Anne got really dark.


Involuntary squeal….I’m sorry- I can’t help it!


Does Miley Cyrus know this exists and that it could be unzipped?


photo credits: Vogue.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Growl, hiss, clap!

While the crew checks the tires and adjusts their pashminas- grab the clipboards under your seat and fill out the usual waivers and take this quiz! Big thank you to Cari!

Buckle up, get your binoculars ready, we are headed deep into style country this morning!

Margaret didn’t realize that the Jungle January goddess (me) demands a toll for passage- I WANT THAT TOP!!!!


Whats that I hear? A distress call from across the plains- Lynn is in an animal print quandry-  come on ye Jungle Scouts- lets help her !


I’m thinking the Pretty Grievances staff has a new uniform- Melissa, you inspire me.


Check out this dress- it is quite pettable- Thanks for playing, Mamie!


Not ready for full body commitment? Ok, I get it- head over to see Sharon’s gorgeous accessories!


Maybe a little discreet animal is better for you? Inge


Fadanista– it totally counts! I love an animal inspiration print!


Ready but not shopped up? Here’s a Mood sampling:





Hey! Hey there Myra– don’t run off- you look fabulous!



photo credits: Sew,Jean Margaret, Lynn, Mamie JR, Sharon, Katie , Inge, Melissa, Fadinista.Mood. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Kenzo

I know you girls want to help, but I think I’ll ask someone else to basket carry me to my lunch…..


ok, 2 words….movie? No, no, don’t tell me- Snakes on a Plane? huh…..Driving Miss Daisey? No….crap- give me another hint. Oh! Oh! It’s Face Off!!!!!


No Mr Bond- we expect you to DIE!


Seriously, damn it- you have no respect for my freshly waxed floor?!


I’m serious- I will totally drop these Hummells if you don’t get me something else to wear….NOW!!!


One of these models is holding a human head- can you guess which one before the police do? Tick tock….


Come at me bro! I’ll cut a fool!


Poor Louise- she was always getting her rings magnetically stuck to the plate in Irma’s head.


Wanda was truly excited about attending her first Tupperware party- almost too excited.


photo credits: Vogue.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Jungle January roars along!

When I go to Florida annually, I always hope I’ll see lovely exotic beasties- rare ones- like the divine speckled Coco!


Todays post features sewists who have been on our Jungle Safari  every year- Cari brings us our 2nd feline of the day- Jacaranda Jungle Style!


Katie– you are fierce today! Where is Myra’s matching outfit?


Leila– sniff, sniff- when I think of how far you have come in your animal print odyssey….no- I won’t show the picture- but an intrepid reader could possibly find it themselves in the 1st year coverage! Wonderful Shoe post, by the way!


Over at the Fabricmart blog- Kathy is aboput to set a new land speed record in a very motivating animal print!


Dawn– your Ottobre is sparkly and growly- fab! Welcome to the menagerie.


Ruth– you are like Jane for me- dropped in the jungle and already running the show!


Now a little something from me- Vogue 9092.The envelope pic doesn’t show my view- so no pic for you! You are forced to just let mine speak for Vogue! Scary!  Trying the natural light photos again- very flattering to Helmutt, right? vogue1

It’s not in animal print but I keep seeing a Parrot wear it- does that count? I’ve been gawking at this pattern for weeks now- finally fabricmart brought me just the thing- a sort of homespun lineny stripey thing. I’m still being cautious in my buying- trying to find neutrals and subtles to work with orphan pieces I own. So of course I immediately make a stand alone piece. But I have enough left for a top to match a pair of pants I’m trying. Yup, I’m trying pants again. Godspeed, little sewing machine- the cursing will start soon! Now today it’s dress in focus or Anne in focus- I chose dress- you may thank me!


It felt very conservative- it reminds me of my favorite Burda tunic go-to dresses I love so much. I decided to make the center front skirt panel horizontal for a little fun effect. Super fun, right? I skipped the back zip again- pyramid shaped body- I can slither into just about anything without a zip!

Hmm….I feel like I’m cheating posting this in a Jungle January post. Well, perhaps, I should throw on the matching wrap.

Look at my fabulous Anne quilt- look, I doesn’t care what the pattern may be called by others, it’s the Anne quilt, thankyouverymuch! The quilting Cleasbys made it for me- here’s a secret peak into their studio:

granny camp

I was so touched- my grinchy heart expanded 3 sizes- not enough to let the pups put even a toe on it, but still- I’m a work in progress. vogue3

Now remember- if you see some gorgeous animals on the net- give me a shout!

photo credits: pattern review, Cocoas loft, Katiekaddidlehopper, Cari Homemaker, Leila, Sew Ruth, Dawn, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

Oh, a cheetah baseball jacket- what to wear with it? Of course, My pole dancer sweater. Duh.


really? I would have assumed you were in child care.


Ok, that jacket is fierce. I’ll give you that.


Bridgette just knew that adding a falconry bit would give her the edge over the other strippers.


Don’t you give me that look, little Missy! Now you button your fathers coat up and get in this minivan this instant!


I don’t understand. It looked so good on RuPaul.



photo credits: Vogue. All images remain the property of their original owners.

Royalty in the jungle

The lion may be the king of beasts but these ladies are giving a mighty stylish growl themselves! Check out these royals rocking the animal prints in very classy ways!


Mary of Denmark- Meet Beatrice of York-


Maxima of the Netherlands-


I think you know Caroline of Monaco-please don’t throw your clutch at the waiter!


Princess Mathilde of Belguim,


I’m sure you’ve met Queen Letizia of Spain-


Zara, I’m stealing this hat!


Yours too, Sophie- hand it over!


Now, lets see some of your stuff! Penny, will you start us off? This picture is just a tease- you must see more- I command thee!


Inge– Give us a twirl!


Kelsey is ready to cuddle (or cuttle) up and share a nap-   enviable jammies indeed!


Julie popped up on Pattern Review-


Mary, Mary- you look like the cat got your tongue, maybe it envied your style!
 photo credits:pinterest, Penny Librarian, IngeMaakt, A little Talent, Pattern Review. All images remain the property of their original owners.