Royalty in the jungle

The lion may be the king of beasts but these ladies are giving a mighty stylish growl themselves! Check out these royals rocking the animal prints in very classy ways!


Mary of Denmark- Meet Beatrice of York-


Maxima of the Netherlands-


I think you know Caroline of Monaco-please don’t throw your clutch at the waiter!


Princess Mathilde of Belguim,


I’m sure you’ve met Queen Letizia of Spain-


Zara, I’m stealing this hat!


Yours too, Sophie- hand it over!


Now, lets see some of your stuff! Penny, will you start us off? This picture is just a tease- you must see more- I command thee!


Inge– Give us a twirl!


Kelsey is ready to cuddle (or cuttle) up and share a nap-   enviable jammies indeed!


Julie popped up on Pattern Review-


Mary, Mary- you look like the cat got your tongue, maybe it envied your style!
 photo credits:pinterest, Penny Librarian, IngeMaakt, A little Talent, Pattern Review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

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