Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

Oh, a cheetah baseball jacket- what to wear with it? Of course, My pole dancer sweater. Duh.


really? I would have assumed you were in child care.


Ok, that jacket is fierce. I’ll give you that.


Bridgette just knew that adding a falconry bit would give her the edge over the other strippers.


Don’t you give me that look, little Missy! Now you button your fathers coat up and get in this minivan this instant!


I don’t understand. It looked so good on RuPaul.



photo credits: Vogue. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Alexander Wang

  1. Um, I like the occasional pop of red. And yes, that leather jacket was quite nice. I think my husband has that argyle cardigan. I’m just…what’s this look saying? It’s like hipster biker meets red carpet stripper, but then you discover she’s really just a very disturbed little girl playing dress-up. Someone get her to a therapist.

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  2. I don’t know if you watched the live stream of this show but apparently he had pole dancers at the actual show. Classy. I’m always on the fence about AW… I feel like I’m constantly being told I should love his stuff because it’s young and edgy but I’m never totally in love with anything I see.



  3. Barbara J says:

    There are some lovely pieces and techniques if you can see passed the styling and the models. Love those slanted zippers on the skirt and pants, the cheetah jacket in the first picture would be perfect for Jungle January, and that triple breasted coat is awesome. All ideas for stealing, if you ask me!


  4. Bridgette at least got some palm trees embroidered over her nipples to add to those falconry gloves….maybe they also re-charge her phone?…the gloves not her nipples.


  5. susan snow says:

    I think these outfits look like strippers who got dressed in the dark and couldn’t see what they were doing. I agree the fierce leather jacket is nice though. Also like the little leopard bag with it. How do so called designers like this stay in business? Oh, no I almost forgot — to strippers who like to get dressed in the dark…..tee, hee. Keep up with this, you are an absolute scream with the commentary.

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