Jungle January roars along!

When I go to Florida annually, I always hope I’ll see lovely exotic beasties- rare ones- like the divine speckled Coco!


Todays post features sewists who have been on our Jungle Safari  every year- Cari brings us our 2nd feline of the day- Jacaranda Jungle Style!


Katie– you are fierce today! Where is Myra’s matching outfit?


Leila– sniff, sniff- when I think of how far you have come in your animal print odyssey….no- I won’t show the picture- but an intrepid reader could possibly find it themselves in the 1st year coverage! Wonderful Shoe post, by the way!


Over at the Fabricmart blog- Kathy is aboput to set a new land speed record in a very motivating animal print!


Dawn– your Ottobre is sparkly and growly- fab! Welcome to the menagerie.


Ruth– you are like Jane for me- dropped in the jungle and already running the show!


Now a little something from me- Vogue 9092.The envelope pic doesn’t show my view- so no pic for you! You are forced to just let mine speak for Vogue! Scary!  Trying the natural light photos again- very flattering to Helmutt, right? vogue1

It’s not in animal print but I keep seeing a Parrot wear it- does that count? I’ve been gawking at this pattern for weeks now- finally fabricmart brought me just the thing- a sort of homespun lineny stripey thing. I’m still being cautious in my buying- trying to find neutrals and subtles to work with orphan pieces I own. So of course I immediately make a stand alone piece. But I have enough left for a top to match a pair of pants I’m trying. Yup, I’m trying pants again. Godspeed, little sewing machine- the cursing will start soon! Now today it’s dress in focus or Anne in focus- I chose dress- you may thank me!


It felt very conservative- it reminds me of my favorite Burda tunic go-to dresses I love so much. I decided to make the center front skirt panel horizontal for a little fun effect. Super fun, right? I skipped the back zip again- pyramid shaped body- I can slither into just about anything without a zip!

Hmm….I feel like I’m cheating posting this in a Jungle January post. Well, perhaps, I should throw on the matching wrap.

Look at my fabulous Anne quilt- look, I doesn’t care what the pattern may be called by others, it’s the Anne quilt, thankyouverymuch! The quilting Cleasbys made it for me- here’s a secret peak into their studio:

granny camp

I was so touched- my grinchy heart expanded 3 sizes- not enough to let the pups put even a toe on it, but still- I’m a work in progress. vogue3

Now remember- if you see some gorgeous animals on the net- give me a shout!

photo credits: pattern review, Cocoas loft, Katiekaddidlehopper, Cari Homemaker, Leila, Sew Ruth, Dawn, little me. All images remain the property of their original owners.

21 thoughts on “Jungle January roars along!

  1. Very very nice…but I’m bereft! I just put the selected jungly fabrics back in the cupboard. My swap buddy hasn’t answered my email and I feel all alone in the jungle…I’d do a sad face emoticon but I have no idea how to…


  2. So much fierceness!! Myra is up next in the jungle. She has developed quite a strong opinion about her wardrobe! I had to clear the fabric and pattern with her first…


  3. Anne, I LOVE your quilt! My eldest is going off to university in the fall, and I’m determined to make her a quilt. Yours is inspiring! And your Vogue dress is perfect. Perfect stripey-ness, perfect colours and perfect fit.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. What a great start to the month!!! The dresses are yummy and fit so well! Now your dress…darling and great fit and the horizontal panel is just so clever and striking. Nice touch with the head scarf and I love the longer hair and curls!!!!.


  5. ellegeemakes says:

    That Vogue dress is really cute. I love how you used the stripes as a directional embellishment! The quilt is incredibly fun. You’re making me want to whip something up. I haven’t made a quilt in years but the prints and colors in that one are so jungle-y (is that a word?) So cool.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I love your dress!!! The pattern placement is awesome, very chic! 😀 I am going to TRY to photograph my VERY FIRST Jungle January entry this weekend – is Instagram ok if I’m too lazy to blog it? LOL ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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