Wearable Wednesday Giamba

Sometimes even cheetah tights can’t refresh a look.


I think her eyebrows and her skirt are both yak….


Ok, send me the fabrics for research purposes of course- well, hold the yak, m’kay?


Contestants- you have 5 minutes to make a junior prom frock from flocked tissue and  3 bicycle tubes- you only have a grommiter to help you- GO!!!


Does anybody else miss Squeeze? I loved that band….


I also miss Big Country. Where is all this coming from? Hmm….


After Andy’s accident, Raggedy Anne got really dark.


Involuntary squeal….I’m sorry- I can’t help it!


Does Miley Cyrus know this exists and that it could be unzipped?


photo credits: Vogue.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Giamba

  1. This is more like the Wearable Wednesday we know and love. Clothes that spit in the face of flattery, shun suitability, defy decorum. That said, I could use the Yak cardi right now. Thanks for the fun!

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  2. SewSavory says:

    Yes to Squeeze! I am completely serious. They are back together and were on Colbert last month. Of course I missed it but a friend called and woke me up to watch. She knows the love runs deep!


  3. Judi in Tinton Falls says:

    Poor, poor model. Someone get this waif a cheeseburger, and then get her some duds that don’t make her the uber winner of the Miss Melancholy award. Geeeesh.


  4. Strangely I love the prom dress and the grommets!!!! That coat would make me very happy too. Funny how even when the model slouches, the clothes look fine…could it be they are cutting the fronts shorter than the backs to make this possible? If the models stood up straight, things would look very different?


  5. Oh my goodness, I love this line! It’s so edgy and dark and girly, all in one fell swoop. The only thing I didn’t love was the plaid outfit — liked the bottom half, but not the plaid bit. But me, I like the intentionally and wilfully awkward brands. It takes one to know one?


  6. Just remembered where I’d seen the ruffled yoke with ruffled standing collar, gathered cuffs and fullsome tent-line. Mother made me and sister nighties from a pattern just like these.


  7. I saw Squeeze in concert in Glasgow last year with the punk poet John Cooper Clark as support! It was superb and everyone in the huge hall sang along! A highlight of my year! If you don’t know his work already have a look at John Cooper Clark’s poems, they’re excellent. I’m quite liking the bomber jacket in the last image!


  8. Mel says:

    Oooo, two colorways on the fabric with popcorn, chips, and pretzels. Yeah, why stop at one colorway when you got such a winning design?


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