I just can’t leave the jungle!


A mauve zebra is:

A. A popular cocktail during the 50’s containing Dr Pepper, gherkin pickle juice, vodka and a maraschino cherry soaked in grain alcohol. ‘Boy did I love fleet week! I got so tight on mauve zebras the sailors declared me a friendly port!’

B. Sir Edwin Quagshires political career was ruined when it was discovered that he belonged to a discreet club for gentlemen that liked to dress up as their childhood governesses, cane young men and then read Pilgrims Progress to them while enjoying tiny sandwiches. He was almost able to squash the rumors  until a member of the press reportedly yelled, ‘Password, Nanny Quagshires!’ And he immediately blurted out ‘mauve zebra’ and gave truth to the tales. To this day, your grandfather may refer politely to particular gentlemen as ‘a bit of a mauve zebra’ with a knowing wink.

C. My new Vogue   8710    Knit top.


Ok, all answers are technically true- because you can put anything on Wikipedia, but let’s just talk about the top.


I made this several years ago in a paisley and it gets worn more than most of my casuals. I like that it is slightly fitted, but roomy, the sleeves are poofy and it’s just comfortable. I’ve been saying another one will be made soon, but it’s been 4 years! So, here we are!


I had just enough of this left from a Burda frock to make this. There was a back seam for no reason that I could fathom and I had enough fabric to skip it. No one hates print breakup more than little me- it makes me cry, like ASPA commercials and French dip sandwiches served without horseradish sauce. Seriously? What’s that about?!


I must admit to a little crazy- but I’ll bet no one here will think it’s odd- I totally hand colored every track of thread that went over the black stripes. I just couldn’t leave it glaring like that! All poop in the punchbowl as they say……..


 But I am far from alone out here on my picnic. Check out my other kindred zebra, Jay! We really do flock together, don’t we?


Over by the fencing- I see another fluttery bit of fauna- who’s hair I am most envious of- look at how it behaves in the wind- not like the crazy chicken on my head. Lara!!!


Ok,  it’s totally unfair to bring out the vintage guns like this- go see this outfit!!!!!!!


Symondezyn- you are the cheetah bomb, baby!


Swap update!!!!! Want to see some fab animal jammies? Go see Sewforfun!


photo credits: pattern review, little me, Lara, Jay,  Seamracer. All images are the property of their original owners.

25 thoughts on “I just can’t leave the jungle!

  1. It has certainly been the best ever Jungle January!!!! Thank you to all those exotic creatures who shared their garments with the rest of us! Most envied…cheetah bomb pencil skirt from Symondezyn!

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  2. You realise of course that ‘friendly port’ made me snort, it’s a good jobs the cats take no notice of that sort of thing.
    I want one of everything in this post please and from now on I will be colouring in visible stitching.

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  3. Wow, there have been so many exotic creatures in the jungle this year – and I’ve really enjoyed the way you spot them in the wild! Your mauve zebra is of course awesome, really the queen of the jungle :).

    I got inspired to join in this year but I’ve only just posted my entry (http://upsewlate.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/jungle-january-kielo-wrap-dress.html) – next year I will have to pull my finger and enter the jungle on time!

    Thank you for all the inspiration!

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  4. Great zebra top – and for myself I will fess up and admit I’ve done some extra effort for perfect matching top-stitching too. We who sew make our stuff better than any store bought item! Thanks for the feature, too. Lara’s dress is so cool and I love those shoes on her.

    I’ll have to put your Jungle January on my calendar for next time…maybe I’ll do more vintage!

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  5. I love your top, and your commitment to hand-colouring the thread – I would have probably used a Sharpie; your solution is much more dignified! LOL >.< Thanks for inspiring me to make my very first animal print garment; I'm honoured to finally be part of the jungle parade! ^_^ 😀

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