The Rescue Post!! UPDATE!!!!


Readers, I have great news. For all of you who have been clutching your pearls and hankies- wondering about the LOST JUNGLE CRUISE- I have word of their successful discovery and rescue. When  word of a stray  cruise vehicle was reported to me, I immediately sought the most well-trained jungle search party with the best knees and dispatched them forthwith!




It was a long and tense week at the Grievous Outpost, but my intrepid rescue party has returned and all cruisers are healthy and well!Here are reports from  the front line:

Resting in the infirmary and sipping a pink squirrel- if the lovely and sarcastic, Splinters & Stitches! Lekala patterns are newer to me and I know I need this one now. The crossover is quite prec’.


Losing Maria in the jungle would have been a major tragedy- but I hear she carried several of the party to safety and looked amazing doing it! Go see Velosewer- she made 3 trips to the jungle- I’m counting this weeks snakey Wanda, too!


Gabrielle definited looked tempting to the rescuers in her wrap dress- I need this pattern too.


Miushka spent her time well, reading Proust to the locals and showing off her mules- tassels! Be still my heart!!!


Sue– I can’t leave you off the bus- get in back and grab a banana!

McCall's patterns 021a

Cari has a peak at her SWAP swag and a daisy of a dress to show everyone once you have all met your medical clearance and returned home.


A canoe has been spotted by my search flamingoes and Aida and Marianne are here safe!

These two were so busy enjoying the foliage and the legendary storytelling of the local zebras that we almost left them- can you imagine??

DSC_0386 zoom2

I am here to hottly deny the rumours that I  was after Marianne stash- resting unguarded here at home. But could you blame me???? Honestly, hand on a copy of Pride and Prejudice- I’m after BOTH OF THEIR FABRIC COLLECTIONS!!



photo credits: Pattern Review, Splintersnstitches, Velosewer, Up So Late, Historium, Miushka, Sue, MArianne, Aida,Cari.   ALL images remain the property of their original owners.

15 thoughts on “The Rescue Post!! UPDATE!!!!

  1. Holy crocodile! The jungle search team must have missed my smoke signals! Or perhaps they were dazzled by my dress, in which case I can’t blame them. Guys, it was fun to meet you and all your awesome creations!


  2. You definitely need to be renamed H M Stanley! Well done for rounding up these other explorers! I have really enjoyed seeing all the banks and love the fact that jungle January has extended into Forest February!


  3. idaaidasewing says:

    ax, I love Miushka’s shoes and the top Sue made, I might steal her look and do smotheing similar with my swap fabric when it arrives…..
    Have you checked my jungel make for this year?


  4. A fantastic turnout this year – well done to everyone who ventured out (and came back safely) and a big THANK YOU to Anne – our guide, explorer, tour organiser, diarist, photographer and commentator, bottle-washer and cook! I’v got my tickets booked for next year……..

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  5. Thank you so much for dispatching the rescue crew! Hope you could spare them from the regular patrols – quite a fearsome trek they had to make to round us all up, you know!

    I love these posts – so exciting to visit all the jungles of the world. I’m looking forward to next January already!

    Liked by 1 person

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