Wearable Wednesday Whyred

My Mother always hated when I’d dress up but wear my ratty casual coat with it. I believe I made this face at her when she’d mention it:


This is how I’d like a Miss Jane Marple reboot to look:


Well, for all of you that wondered if you could pleat fruit leather. You can. But don’t.



What is this? Leather? Godiva truffle liner? Does it affect her cell phone reception? Can I have a truffle?


I’m worried that 45 other people came out in this outfit and it turned into a depressing flashmob.


You know you can’t say Whyred without saying ‘WHY???’


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Whyred

  1. There’s something of the air of ‘I don’t know why the popular girls won’t be chums with me’ about this collection. I know, its a statement for introverted rebellion. Makes sense now.


  2. The flashmob dress reminds me of flag girls back when cheerleaders ruled the school and you could only be a cheerleader if you were in the “cool girls” group.The first model might have been born a man before discovering the runway. The last model thinks looking like a duvet/comforter is a good look.


  3. I’d like to see the first one without the puffy vest. It might be nice. I like the color anyway. The rest… yeah, these girls are not sitting at the popular table.


  4. sewbussted says:

    It should be, Whytry. The little color blocked dress is cute, minus the white stockings. I can even go with the white shirt, but not the stockings. But then, maybe I’m showing my age…after all, I did use the word stockings 😉


  5. Okay, those first two have potential. It’s a shame the first suit is covered up by the random puffy vest (why do designers do crap like that?) because the color and cut look fairly classy. The second is way too baggy, but I like the extra long jacket and the collegiate look. The rest…nah. And that purple and black color block number doesn’t look like it belongs in the same collection.


  6. I love this collection! May be on my own here comparing to other commenters but I really like the muted colour pallette and how the clothes are ‘fancy’ but really practical. You could wear these to work, dinner, class. They are funky but I wouldn’t feel like I was trying to relive my youth in them, they’re still quite classic. (OK not the last, head to toe gold lamé getup, but the rest!)

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  7. Utta Retch says:

    I wish they would STOP trying to bring back the blasted 80’s. That wool ensemble is horrid and looks itchy as hell. I quite like the little black pleated thing, but the bin liner jacket and skirt, WHY?

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  8. Agnes says:

    I want Ms. Marple’s coat! I’d even be willing to move to St. Mary Mead to get it. But being on the church flower arranging rota is out. There are some things I just won’t do. (You KNOW in the re-boot she’ll be Ms. Marple!)


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