Vogue 1334-Looking Wide is a Plan?

Pants. The antidote to hosiery. I’m a leggings and tunic gal- you know this. But I’m trying to embrace other options- getting ready for my leggings trend to eventually die….sigh.


OOOOHHHHH- cheetah!


Ok, girl, walk before you run, right? I’m going to try this pattern- Vogue 1334, in a neutral. YES! I said a NEUTRAL!


I want to try to get some coordinates going this spring- maybe  I’m finally getting something thru my obviously dyed skull that planning is a good thing. HAH! Oh, hey- photo disclaimor- the giant forearm bruise is from lab work a week ago. Mr B never beats me where it could show. Ready?



I’m not sure about these. As far as a pattern review- they are easier than falling off a curb to make. I did narrow down the sides about 3 inches on each side- it was TOOOO wide. Like windsock wide. Like childrens play tunnel wide. Like FEMA emergency housing suitable. Well, they are comfortable, but I must say- I don;t feel them falling or rising in the crotch, but I feel like they must be migrating- my photos feature either camel toe or drop crotch. I have a rounded stomache- I’m aware of this- but I think I understand why my body double doesn’t wear pants:


Hey, we are both very lovable and look great in red! I will keep trying- I like the idea, but maybe it’s the top that is bringing me down.


Oh, the top- it’s a another New Look 6808-  top shape I fall back on alot! See? We all like a good fitting top.


photo credits: pattern review, little me, pinterest.. All images remain the property of their original owners.

56 thoughts on “Vogue 1334-Looking Wide is a Plan?

  1. I like a wide leg trouser, but I’m so small, in height, that I have to narrow them down a lot! So I stick to the skinny trousers, for now anyway! However if your new trousers are moving too much, up and down, then try running elastic round the waistband or facing that you’ve put on the trouser, even if they have a zip, it will still work. The elastic holds everything nicely in place, once it is tweaked to the right size. The problem with my skinnies had been the same, too high with a belt and droopy without, which actually just gave me indigestion??

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  2. Lynn says:

    Wow, our 70s palazzo pants are back! I think what’s needed is a drapey fabric, as I recall; I loved them, so comfy…stilettos are a must, however. And disco music. So at my age, I won’t be making these for myself..:)


  3. Love me some wide leg pants (WLP) and I think these look awesome!! Welcome to the dark side 😉
    I think proportion is key when wearing WLP though. Can I suggest tucking your top in and seeing how you feel? Or maybe just folding your top hem up a couple of inches and seeing if you like that better?
    Re your crotch issues, it sounds like the seam may be too long on one side and too short on the other – hence the riding up, falling down. From the photos I would hazard a guess that your FC seam maybe a little short. At the risk of sounding totally one-note, invest in Pants for Real People if you’re interested in getting the pants thing sorted. (Damn – I should be working on commission for them the amount I pimp their book!)

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  4. ellegeemakes says:

    Wide pants are back! What my grandmother told me was true. Don’t throw anything away because it will come back in style someday. I love your pants. They look great and comfortable. I have yet to make a pair of pants that didn’t have a saggy crotch so hats off to you. and the top is great. Love the stripes, which are supposedly having a moment this spring.

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  5. Thanks so much for this post and I love that you gave these pesky pants a try. It is usually possible to get all the trends to work for different shapes but sometimes they need modifications.

    I tried the wide pants fad too, but only by walking into my local Marks and Spencers and trying a pair on. I didn’t want to waste time and money on an item I had low hopes for. But, surprisingly, magically, they look quite good. And I think they look pretty good on you too, but (only a thought), in the last picture you can see the fabric folding, and falling, which may mean they are a tad too wide? I think you could try them a little more fitted through the thighs – a less exaggerated look that is nevertheless wide trousers. And I love the top.

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  6. Jessica says:

    Great post! I agree that drape and proportion are key here–your examples are most flared from the knee down, and are very drape-y, whereas the pattern leg is wide from the hip. They do actually look really cute on you, but I think the top must be more fitted, tucked and belted. I would then wear a light sweater or jacket, fairly slim cut, that is about your tunic length (because I too would be WAY too self-conscious to be tucked and belted thusly! 😳) worth trying again, I’d say!


  7. Mel says:

    I was reading fast and I read the one sentence as “we are both very lovable and look great in bed” and had a momentary puzzlement. Speedreading doesn’t pay. Great job on the pants. I like the top a lot, too.


  8. The urge to try a really wide pair of pants is growing stronger. Thanks for posting, I like these and think you carry them off, but agree with Kate that they might need to be slimmed down a tad over the hip and upper thigh.Perhaps run a tacking stitch down one side for a quick comparison? For the elastic pull question, I frequently substitute a wide band of very stretchy jersey (packed with lycra or spandex) on skirts and pants which call for elastic . This gives more depth to cling to, and gets a smoother look over the top hip, aka tum. The lycra band has to be stretchy enough to pull over the hips and have good enough return to be snug round the waist. You can often get a reasonable match, but unless you like tucked in tops its not critical.

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  9. danvillegirl says:

    I think the wide leg has potential. Perhaps as some others suggested a fabric that is a little more drapey. I am loving the flare style jeans and WLP but I am so short that I have got to get the right length to not look swallowed up in fabric. I look forward to your next pair.

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  10. shoes15 says:

    When I wear a wide leg trouser, I need to pair it with a crisp tucked in blouse or the proportions go off for me. Think Katharine Hepburn.


  11. sewbussted says:

    While Winnie The Pooh is cute, and so are you :), this outfit looks so wonderful on you. I love the wide legs. Make another pair in a softer fabric.


  12. Karen Lyon says:

    I am not sure that even slim girls look good in this style. back in the late 60’s, early 70’s we called them elephant pants.

    However, the best pairs I have seen are made with what we used to call Indian cotton. I am sure you have seen it. It is gauzy and washes into natural close pleat (or wrinkles).

    Just try to select a good quality fabric as the flimsier stuff will bag at the butt and knees and look awful.

    Good Luck

    Date: Sat, 27 Feb 2016 20:05:26 +0000 To: grumpykaren@hotmail.com


  13. I don’t think your shape has as much to do with the fit as the fabric choice. Since this pattern is sized for knits, the woven hugs the body more.. This pattern is something of an optical illusion. Yes, the legs are HUGE, but the top part is semi-fitted. I asked Sandra B. about using wovens, and she recommended to go up a size. I know it sounds counterintuitive to go up a size with a pant that already looks huge, but there isn’t enough ease to make this out of a woven with one’s normal size. That’s why this is my favorite pull-on pants pattern — it doesn’t look like a dirndl skirt at the waistband. It is nice and smooth. If you make this same pattern out of a medium or heavyweight Ponte knit or scuba it will feel completely different — and the camel toe miraculously disappears. All that being said, I love your pants. You’ve made a real case for reducing the legs by about 3 inches. They seem more controllable.

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  14. Agnes says:

    I am having ’70’s flash backs and hearing disco in my head…I know I had and loved a pair of these, but confess to being a few pounds heavier now. I blame the 5 children. Why not? They blame me often enough. But I digress. They are fabulously comfy, for sure. The pants, not the children. And, as others have noted, you may be happier with the look if you use a drapier fabric. But if you really feel the volume is too too much, take a look at the pants in New Look 6735, the pattern that inspired so much knit top love. The pants are VERY full, but nicely fitted from waist to hip so you don’t get the dreaded dirndl look. Louise Cutting’s One Seam Pants might be worth a look. Thinking of pulling that one out again myself. Just a thought. I wouldn’t want to tempt you into buying more patterns, of course.

    Also, I’ve learned from long and bitter experience that you really need something more fitted on top when you go for floaty & voluminous on the bottom. Love the fabric on both top and pants, & you’re making me reconsider the NL 6808. I know it’s gotten major love on PR, but every time I go to buy in when JA has the patterns sales, I end up putting it back. Don’t know why.


  15. idaaidasewing says:

    I have the same issues with pants, thats why i have stopped wearing them, it’s mostly skirts and dresses for me. I would love wearing them though I just don’t have the knowledge and patient to make and fit my own pair. Please do share your progress, it’s useful stuff!


  16. I have a pattern for wider legged pants and had a bit of the same problem in the front. Not so much an up and down problem, but a little bit of the “smiles” in the front. I had been tweaking the pattern a bit so I finally I lengthened the front inseam curve to allow a bit more for going over the tummy and dropping into the curve. I do think the pants are very cute on you. Pants hanging straight from the hip are flattering to those of us who aren’t so tiny anymore.

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    • I do agree with regarding 70’s flashback, and my 70’s pants looked more like casual chic the decade was famous for, than today’s skinny pants, not slim legged which look good, which are not the best overall look as the hips, especially low hips and saddlebags, are greatly emphasized if the tunic above is not long enough. [Sorry skinny pants lovers] Many sources state that the crotch curve depth should be shorter than the back, but I found that for me the front of the pants hangs straighter if the front curve depth is closer in depth to the back curve’s depth and there is less pulling at the front thighs too.

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  17. Wide legged pants are my all time favourite shape – they make the legs look longer and are slimming round the hips. Yours are no exception, but you can stand with your legs together when wearing them!


  18. These palazzos are wonderful on you Anne … really! The styling on the pattern envelope had always put me off this design, but yours are great. I’m now a believer
    Baci Sallyxx


  19. Oooo I love wide pants too and have worn my third pair almost to death. These are fab (cute top too of course) and I agree with the other commentors that it’s about crotch and hip fit. My widies aren’t as wonderfully voluminous as yours but I did find I needed a good fit around the hips etc then the fabric would be more likely to drape nicely. Might help?


  20. I think you carry off this style well. The pants have a good flow and the overall shape looks chic on you! I feel like you should be toting around a nice cone of gelato and a tiny dog. I’m prone to tripping and am too short legged to make it work, but the style is lovely.


  21. I love this look but I’m a huge fan of wide legged pants. I wonder what it would look like with the fabrics swapped? Bold pattern pants with a solid top like the first two inspiration pics would rock it!


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