Wearable Wednesday Ganni

Sarah Jessica Parker before leave in conditioner:


I feel pretty, oh so pretty! So pretty and witty and grey!


I have nothing. Make your own comment:



See what happens to boy scouting when  you let the wrong element in???


I’m here for the babysitting job. They don’t poop, do they?


Fargo: season 14:


Erin couldn’t understand why the hotel always charged her for pillowcases- didn’t everyone have metal fringed jammies?


Needs more camouflage- I can still see it.


Don’t ask her what time it is- she’ll never find her watch.


You’ve seen Grease Live, now see it dead.


Photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

39 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Ganni

  1. Men in women’s clothes, women in men’s clothes, high water pants, orthopedic shoes, paper bag waists and striped socks…was it a costume party? The one bright spot was the silver pants suit with fringe…it was like she wandered in from another collection.


  2. I keep trying to figure out what sci-fi movie these are from, especially the second one – some strange androgynous race with jaundiced legs.


  3. Ok, don’t hate me, but there are lots of individual pieces I would wear here. Just not going to be following their lead on the styling anytime soon 😉


  4. Utta Retch says:

    Never mind about feeling pretty, witty and grey. I am more worried that the model looks like something grown under glass. Really, is the ‘designer’ all there?


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