Wearable Wednesday Gareth Pugh

Veronica found modeling very daunting, but with the comforting satin edge of her blankie, she could take on the world!


How will I know the agent who is bringing the microfilm?


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the all singing all dancing Broadway sensation- SILENCE OF THE LAMBS! Featuring Faye Dunaway as a cannibal with a song in her heart!


I present the first images from Wes Cravens new Amelia Earhart bio:


Gareth can’t find funding for his collection? Come on kids, lets put on a show!


Ugh, doesn’t airport security recognize that I’m in a hurry?! Why do I always get the extra attention when traveling??


Oh Gareth, it’s just China town.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

47 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Gareth Pugh

  1. susan snow says:

    The secret agent coat and trousers set isn’t bad. The Hannibal face masks? Made me feel a bit sick to my stomach. I adore your commentary. Always look forward to your posts.

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  2. Simple chic clothes minus the masks and star stoles. He even tossed in normal shoes! The leather outfits look smart without being moto-gear. All the models have those lines drawn under their cheeks and WWII hair but hey, a designer has to have a little fun, no?


  3. Deborah says:

    I’m liking the WWII references. Just wish they were a little more subtle. I think the awful masks are meant to reference gas masks. Big shoulders coming back in?


  4. I actually love pretty much everything except the giant stars. If I only had the figure for them! Yes, the makeup, hair, and stupid masks are weird, but that’s only because the rest of it is actually [dare I say it] WEARABLE! OMG

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  5. Leigh Ann says:

    I really like the clothes, once I get past the weird styling. The hair, the lines on the face, and–dear God!–the hockey masks. All these things distract from the clothes, many of which are quite lovely. In some of the past Wearable Wednesdays, distracting from the clothes would be a good thing. But in this case, it’s kind of a shame.


  6. Is that tape on their faces?! I mean, I guess that’s a better alternative than weird facial surgery, but still! Yikes! Also, I’m pretty sure that Gareth just went through the costume closets at Agent Carter headquarters…

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  7. Utta Retch says:

    The clothing is deeply average, but the styling is plain BONKERS. You have lost it when you have to rely on this sort of silliness.


  8. Agnes says:

    It’s a little sad when a designer thinks he has to compensate with bizarre styling choices to distract from the fact that he’s showing a very wearable, stylish line. Maybe nothing earth-shattering in the design, but aside from the star-spangled number, most of this stuff I think real women would wear. Is that so verboten that you have to outfit your models with creepy masks & even creepier make-up so you can seem avant-garde? I get the WWII refs, and it was clever, even if I think the victory rolls were a bit over the top. It’s a shame he didn’t take that theme and run with it a bit more. It could have been interesting. What a waste.

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  9. I wonder how many of the masks he was able to get his hands on? Did they have to whip the one mask off in a flurry to hand it off to the next girl? (Ugh. Model sweat.) And a followup question: did the models steal the mask? (I mean, it’s so fun, right?)


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