Wearable Wednesday Kenzo

She was invited to the less prestigious UMPIRES ball.


Why don’t I do more lectures? I’d wear this every time.


Why edge finishing is so important.


I think I’d have left the hanger in it before I put it on.


My gaudy heart sings.

k2Wait- what? Oh, mercy- this collection is getting to me.




Mandy vows never to join another cult without checking out the uniforms first.


I’d like to see this from the back, which may indeed be the front.


Oh. Oh. Oh.


I’m embarrassed to admit what I would do for this coat.


photo credits: Style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

31 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Kenzo

  1. This collection has everything, except selectivity maybe. I like bits of many of them, the fur duffle and the gaudy vinyl mac are actually wearable.


  2. Utta Retch says:

    This colleciton is a bit like the ‘curate’s egg’, ‘good in parts’. I like the lilac trousers and some of the fabrics. I note note that the models have actualy have flesh on the bones.


  3. Agnes says:

    Most of it re-defines weird. I can’t decide whether it’s only because it seems normal by comparison to the rest of the field, but I kinda like outfit # 2, minus the sleeve weirdness. And that bizarre blue coat creation (pic #4) reminds me of one of those tricks where there are two people inside the coat with one person sitting on the shoulders of the other one. It’s the only explanation for the alarming position of the arms…


  4. Jen (NY) says:

    I loved the old (real) Kenzo in the early 80s, but this, not so much. There are some fun pieces, like the tiger coat, but overall it is like design-school gone crazy.


  5. Lynne Wilson Orr says:

    Such sad young faces. Don’t they realize how young and beautiful they are in spite of the ghastly fashions? Love the witty commentary.


  6. I think it looks like someone challenged him to a “sleeve off” where they try to make as many sleeve variations as possible…all of them awful. But those pink shoes…save me a pair in size 7, please!

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  7. ellegeemakes says:

    okay, I would call this collection a train wreck, if it wasn’t for the cool coat at the end. OMG!!! Too many puffy shirt sleeves for me but I do like the vivid colors. I’m not a fan of all of the pastels and neutrals on many runways this season.


  8. Wow. Too much going on in this collection. Your hanger comment made me think of Carol Burnett’s Went With the Wind curtain rod dress that Bob Mackie made for her (so absurdly funny). I actually really like that textured velvet pants/jacket—maybe not together, but the fabric is cool and each piece could theoretically be wearable.

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