Wearable Wednesday Yana Chervinska

Did you know you could do needle point on garbage bags? HUH. How environmental.


Yes, I’m technically wearing a floor length sweater, yet I still need a jacket. I’m an acrylic paradox!


This looks like she hot glued the entire Muppet band to her torso. I feel so sorry for the Electric Mayhem.


Ooooooo- I’m conflicted. I want to touch it, but I also want to wash my hands a bunch of times afterward.


Time to adjust the tension on the knitting machine.


I’d so wear this. Unless the eyeshadow was mandatory.


Ever have that dream where a nesting doll tries to kill you? You can thank me later.


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of their original owners.

33 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Yana Chervinska

  1. I wondered about model number two as well. I think she has see through underpants on and no lawn mower action. I would wear coat 4 and all the shoes. You probably should wash your hands after shaking mine.


  2. THANK YOU Anne 😀 the last photo and caption caused me to explode with laughter!!!
    Call me weird but there’s stuff here I rather admire – must be because I’m “merely” a sewest and wouldn’t have a clue how to go about making some of these fabrics, but I’m prompted to get my felting kit out and give it a go nevertheless!
    MuppetBand model’s ankles appear to have been repeatedly poked by a pair of drum sticks. Bet she couldn’t wait to get that thing OFF!
    Baci Sxx


  3. Is this another good-idea-spoiled collection? There’s something nice in each outfit, but then the designer wrecked it. (except 2 where the model should really have pointed out that the strategically placed fluffy bits weren’t covering the er… fluffy bits, before she gave it her all.)

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  4. sewbussted says:

    Can anything be more tacky that a peek-a-boo navel and crotch in a floor length knitted tank? I have a feeling it’s a matter of “stay tuned for next week’s episode” 😉

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  5. I got excited when I saw the first one, I sort of like it, but the rest are merely hilarious. Except for the purple bath robe. I would wear that too. As a bath robe.


  6. susan snow says:

    These would make great Hallowe’en costumes. Especially with the hair, looks like Night of the Living Dead and they made their clothes out of stuff they found in trash containers. Love your commentary.


  7. I was thinking as the hair style of the first model was scrolling up…. Oh, we’re in for a good one today! And was excited to scroll further. Yes, see through sweater knits and murderous nesting dolls, you have not disappointed me here! Although I might were a purple bathrobe! Thumbs up for the strange designs!


  8. Lynn says:

    I really hate to be a downer here, but instead of focusing on the haywire outfits, I was struck by how young those models are and how terrible it must be to starve themselves into the “cocaine chic” sizes this particular designer feels is thin and gaunt enough to model those hideous outfits. I know that some designers have begun to have more shapely models on their runways…okay, not chunky, but at least they don’t look like they’re drugging themselves into submission to the designer’s fetish for pubescent boy-bodies. It’s just so sad that this continues to exist in the “fashion” world today….

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  9. Utta Retch says:

    Lol, for some reason the first model reminds me of the farmer’s wife (Mrs Tweedy) in Chicken run. Another dire collection without a single redeeming feature.

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  10. Agnes says:

    A thousand times yes to the shoes!! But the rest? Just when I thought no one could devise anything uglier to put on a woman’s body, someone came up with the idea of combining ugly with creepy peekaboo. A new low. And the nesting doll girl looks like she’s smuggling cabbages. Let’s hope she shares with her undernourished co-workers.

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