Leopards travelling in twos.

I’m coming out of my between season funk. I’ve switched over the closet- both fabric and clothes- I love this time. I’m shallow- I love feeling like I have a whole new wardrobe! I love wearing things I made at the end of last year and never wore. Like today:


Vogue 1228 from the cut out and prepped bin of Summer 2015. I have a version of this from 2012. I loved it- I never cuff the sleeves- I like it drapey. Don’t remember this one? Let my assistant describe:


Excellent work as always, Bruder-boo!



Big Reveal!


Whoo! Don’t think to yourself that these are the pale knees of spring- they are as tanned as they get!

While I was on a roll, I finished off the rest of the kitty with Simplicity 1693-  tiny picture!



This modelling and describing is quite draining- Liesl? A little help please!


Alright settle down- you both did beautifully. Although it’s fairly obvious that you were using Cue cards- don’t get cocky!


photo credits: little me, pattern review. All images remain the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “Leopards travelling in twos.

  1. idaaidasewing says:

    is this Jungle April or are we still in January? that’s a beautiful dress with nice little details, the top is cute too.
    just for your info Anne, I didn’t have any news from my swap partner as I didn’t receive anything from her, nor did she inform me if she received my parcel or not 😦


  2. Just this weekend I made a pair of leggings and then a pair of palazzo pants with contrast color blocks from a Tencel knit that is a Fall/Winter weight. So much for instant gratification….unless the A/C in my building is freezing, in which case I can still have Fall even though it’s 85 outside….


  3. Both successful garments, auguring well for summer. I’m wafting this post by my assistant and telling him to get his act together. No more faffing about tearing up crispbread packets and ripping the cover of tennis balls, he has to up his game now. Some serious commentary help is in order.


  4. Fantastic! It looks much better on you than it does on the model. Some dresses just need a real woman to fill them out, am I right?

    I know exactly what you mean about the between season funk and I am finally out of mine. I just finished a spring/summer tunic and leggings which I hope to get around to photographing today or tomorrow and I just started a lovely, floral retro Vogue summer dress. And I can’t wait to start the next thing and the next. Yay!


  5. You turned something blah in something fabulous…love those sleeve tabs and the matching tank top…I want one and that hat to top it off….Puppies can be such hams!


  6. ellegeemakes says:

    I love both..The animal prints are exceptional….you always choose the best and the patterns are great, especially the dress. Where I’m living it’s still too cold to wear either of them….Enjoy!

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  7. Sorry I’m late! Just wanted to chime in with a big thumbs up for both! I never thought about letting the sleeves drape like that, but I like it–my “grandmother” shirt will be ever so grateful to you for letting it come out of the closet. 😉 And you are gonna LOVE that tank in a couple more weeks, if not already! I forsee it being worn often, with a chance of being a repeat pattern. 😉

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  8. I just cut this pattern out (after picking it up at a sewing meet up pattern swap) so I’m very pleased this looks so good on you as I wasn’t sure for my shape) which is similar). Sorry but I don’t do animal prints but I still think the dress looks fantastic on you. I can’t wait to sew it up now.


  9. Karen Lyon says:

    Andie, both good makes, but I really like the square neck line. I have difficulty with it, so when others make such a nice neck line, it encourages me. I also like your dogs. Mine is 17 now and pretty blind and back leg infirm. She is not ready to go yet, and lets me know (by biting at me) that I am not the boss of her. She still enjoys most of her days, so just appreciate your pups while they are active and enjoying life, each other and you. Take care.


    Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2016 20:45:15 +0000 To: grumpykaren@hotmail.com

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