Wearable Wednesday Bernhard Willhelm

They say if you see her before bedtime- you will be in constant torment no matter how much Nexium you swallow. .


Arthur knew he’d never be a policeman, but he would be the best traffic cone he could be!


Mom, this is Othello- we’re in love! He’s an artiste!


Eric didn’t like to be a complainer, but it seemed clear that the costume store didn’t know a damn thing about Iron Man.


Lucy, maybe you can explain why all the bathmats are missing from dorm 12….hmm?


A secret order of Ronin warriors who follow Debbie Harry around an keep her safe.



5 seconds: List a place you shouldn’t go dressed like this:


photo credits: style.com. All images remain the property of the original owners.

46 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Bernhard Willhelm

  1. Jenny says:

    I am slightly curious to know why all the girls have ‘before’ on their foreheads and all the men ‘after’? Some of the outfits are funny enough by themselves but coupled with your comments equals a good chuckle. Arthur trying to look thoughtful and reflective whilst dressed as a traffic cone – ha ha. The last one I am still chuckling about. Just imagining the looks as he walked into a cowboy bar dressed like that – would make a great scene in a film!


  2. Best yet for laughs. As Jenny says they don’t even need captions! But of course they do because you are so darn creative and terribly funny and each of these had me laughing at my desk. Brilliant. Will you marry me?

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  3. Jen (NY) says:

    At first I thought the inspiration must be inmates in a prison camp, with a misguided nod towards highlighting human rights abuses. That was odd enough. Then I noticed that the forehead labels say before and after, and now I’m totally confused. Before and after what?


  4. I have to say I think these are gorgeous: the red bag! the pink stripey thingee, the cowbar bar outfit. I want the cowboy bar outfit! They all showcase the fabrics without doing too much with them, and maybe that’s why I like them. But seriously I want the cowboy bar outfit. Love reading your commentaries always.

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  5. The first model’s socks look like she could be holding something—-maybe the box of Nexium? And she’s holding a cement block purse with rope handles?

    I do like the double collar effect on “Lucy, the bathmat” model, though.


  6. Sewsbadly says:

    Sometimes I wish I knew how the heck you find these lunatic runway photos but I don’t want to ruin the mystery. Your comments are what take the photos to the top.

    PS Long-time reader, found you through a comment you made on Oonaballoona’s blog and the proceeded to read your posts back for days!


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