Vogue 1333- I’m completely unbuttoned!

Got your attention, right? Enjoy a little Mack and Mabel:

You know I have dreams of crazy art teacher splendour for my wardrobe- I would love to swath myself in 40 yards of hemp linen tie-dyed with diabetic turtle urine, but alas, I am a little too large for such. But I hoard drapey skirt and tunic patterns and this skirt is among that group. You know you could totally straddle a pottery wheel in this, you know you could.


But I’ve never considered the blouse. Judging from the envelope pic, Vogue hadn’t either. But lots of clever stylish ladies have.  Why not little me? It buttons down the front. I’m not a fan of this concept. It’s not about button hole production- I swear, I don’t even own any retail made button downs. I like how they look on my friend Barbara- who always looks like a Bouvier sister popping out to the farmers market on the Vineyard in one. Not me. I look like a junior management trainee at McDonalds. Seriously???


I’m sorry, Ellen, the fry cooks  just can’t respect you in that.

But look at the sleeves on this pattern- so floaty- I can picture myself making decrees and proclaiming things in this top. Maybe I can UNBUTTON IT!!!!


Ok, easy- just reposition the front on the fold and remove the excess needed for an overlap- then just pop in those shapely darts, stitch the shoulder and side seams and it should work just fine, right? Hmm….why am I stuck in this top?


Ok, I didn’t do this- I actually planned ahead. It’s a new thing I’m trying out. Planning. Hmm.

So I decided to cut the front and back on the folds and to do the shapy darts on the front pieces, then, shape the back with a strip of covered elastic attached at the back. Cinching without being permanantly stuck in my new blouse.

I think it worked. What do you think? Let me preface this picture by saying it’s afterwork, the camera was hating me and well, you get it. But this picture looks like Ive just given the Nixon speech and the helicopter is waiting.


I love that this is fitted volumninosity- seriously- 2 darts on either  side of the gut bagel area and it creates a nice line while still feeling like pajamas. Freestyle Flying Squirrel sleeves!!!


Now I had this great idea to rep[lace those back darts and here’s my only action shot that wasn’t blurry- I have no idea what I was doing, but assume a muddy dog may have been involved:


Well, I’m super pleased and feel very much like Marie Curie- you know, I altered a blouse and thats kind of like discovering two elements, right? Right?????

Here’s a picture from the aborted sunday photo shoot- hence the monday posting, which I don’t usually do. Does this make me look fat?


photo credits: pattern review, little me, youtube, google. All images remain the property of their original owners.

45 thoughts on “Vogue 1333- I’m completely unbuttoned!

  1. Agnes says:

    I share your crazy art teacher wardrobe ambitions! But alas, at 5 ft. tall and less than svelte, it’s a look I find difficult to leave the house in lest I be mistaken for someone’s Nana’s sofa. But that blouse!! I love what you’ve done with that and I’ve been pining for some summer duds that are not tunics or tee shirts. I’m especially in love with the sleeves! Floaty, cool, boho to the max! What’s not to love. And no buttonholes to make?? What’s not to love? Take a bow!


  2. ellegeemakes says:

    Great top and quite the clever modification! I think it looks as though it was meant to be made just as you did. Great fabric too. Yes, it’s a top worthy of a decree or two if you ask me.

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  3. Katrina says:

    You don’t look even the teensiest bit fat in the last photo. I think you might have spilled some of the diabetic turtle urine on it.

    I have been avoiding this pattern because I already have Freestyle Flying Squirrel Upper Arms, and thought that this might somehow draw attention to them. Now that I’ve seen your top, I might have to make it anyway. I really like the bust and waist shaping you’ve done.

    Do you have a pattern for the shirt with the dog in the sleeve? That is a design element I can work with.

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  4. Great top and yours is better than the pattern, although my favourite photo is the last one where you appear to be vaporising, no, wait, it has to be the dacsi – can’t go past a sausage in a sleeve! Too adorable!

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  5. Lovely – what a great top (and awesome sleeves)! I think it’s better without the buttons too! I wonder why Vogue didn’t publicise this one more; I don’t even remember seeing the top in their listings!


  6. mylanaieyeview says:

    I just got this pattern and have looked and looked at that top, and the buttons …. And nixed ever making it. So glad you did. So are you saying that there are seams going up CF and CB, and you sewed the front darts but placed the elastic horizontally near the waistline on the back piece so it stretches as you out it on? I like those sleeves !


    • I didn’t put a front or back center seam- it’s just 2 big pieces. I followed the patterns original darts on the front and made the gathered piece in back instead of those darts. Sound reasonable?

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Cute! I like your elastic idea too, I might have to buy this pattern to copy you! Also, I may have laughed a little too hard at the blown out pic–that’s how about half of mine turn out too. Maybe it’s because I’m so blindingly pale??? 😉

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  8. Loving the floral flying squirrel vibe [try saying that with a amouthful of yogurt]. I have been dodging buttons forever, but now I have mastered the wonders of the vintage Singer attachment, I want everything buttoned. AND drapey art teacher chic, despite being 5’3″ and portly…it’s all about the fabric choice. And chutzpah. How DO you pronounce that?


  9. Deborah says:

    Genius! You look lovely in your new top. I hear you about the skirt. That is a lot a skirt, yet it is weirdly intriguing. If I stare at it too long, I start to feel hypnotized. Got to go; I am suddenly getting verrrryyyy sleeeepy….


  10. as usual from the Nixon reference to the flying squirrel sleeves you have me laughing with my breakfast time blog reading. Love your posts !!!
    this blouse looks fantastic on you – quick – pattern repeat! it is lovely and the fabric choice is so pretty.


  11. Honestly Anne, in my opinion, you’ve always been slightly ‘unbuttoned’ and totally admired and loved because of it. Apart from Dexter I haven’t a clue about any other references. Is it sad I know Dexter?
    Your top looks fab and you are positively super-model anorexic in the last photo.


  12. Vertical lines, neat waist and flying squirrel sleeves to hide things in…does it get any better? Love your hair too! A day without buttons is a good thing and you certainly improved this pattern …you should get a thumbs up from Vogue.


  13. Sewsbadly says:

    Love this! These sleeves are really great, airy, but not long and they might distract and cover up my flab-waggle upper arms.

    Also love the curls on the back of your head when you’re dancing the mud merengue with your pup.

    Liked by 1 person

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