Wearable Wednesday Loewe

Erin was so worried about dropping her hanky and breaking a rib in the retrieval process that she tied on some spares. Clever girl!


They say dress for the job you want- Wanda picked gladiator.


Lois found the cat ashtray she’d made her step mom for mothers day in the bin behind the pool house. She didn’t say anything, but clearly she gave a message.


Huh, not all boucle is classy.


One more ‘is that you tinkling’ joke and I’m gonna bust some asses, she thought.


Not so much Klimt- more like Clumpt.


Alice spent the morning being backcombed offstage by members of the official Wool council representatives.


Do modelling contracts include chafing hazard pay?


photo credits: style.com. All images are the property of their original owners.

38 thoughts on “Wearable Wednesday Loewe

  1. Do fashion schools not have a basic 100-level course that includes a definition of “clothing”, or perhaps a note on the functions?? As in “clothing is meant to provide warmth”, or “clothing covers nakedness”??? I do like the cream wooly thing, but what’s that upside-down gold girdle thing?

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  2. Mel says:

    I wonder if that last naked girl’s purse is supposed to be open like that. Also, this designer is very loyal to that shoe.


  3. How nice to see kindly carers assisted poor Erin with her early onset memory problems by tying knots in her hankies as reminders to brush her teeth, put her bra on, keep her hair out of her food.
    I’m crying for the beautiful fabrics and almost decent ideas sacrificed for attention grabbing . Please may I have the scraps from the cutting room floor?

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  4. But, these clothes are all gorgeous for once! (though your commentary never fails to raise a snort of amusement). True, there’s not much here you’d shrug on for a trip to the laundrette, but I’d wear most of this if I had the right occasion (sadly I don’t). I can even see stylish Milanese women wearing the last as a beach “cover-up”.
    But the repeated appearance of that little gold handbag necklace (let’s not even begin to acknowledge the cats!) began to grate, as did those lovely shoes as they showed up again, and AGAIN.
    Baci Sxx


  5. Cat ashtrays and woolly bags and those shoes…metal swirly bracelets…oh wait…this is a fashion show, not an accessory show…I almost forgot. I can see some of the Kardashians swanning around in these. Your humor and commentary is always a hoot!!!!


  6. sewbussted says:

    Check out the look on the cat’s face with the last open weave, I guess you can call it a dress. It’s as if even he is saying, “Really?”


  7. susan snow says:

    Those pussycat ashtrays are very disturbing. I didn’t think that the rolled down knee highs were all that posh looking either…..(tee, hee) As always, just love your commentary, you should have your own TV show.


  8. Oh dear, I really liked it…..I’ve had days when I needed to dress like a gladiator to make through…maybe that’s just my job, though? (also,yes, I work in theatre and am a costume designer so I try to live up to that most days πŸ™‚ I see much inspiration in this particular collection–and laughed at every caption at the same time πŸ˜‰

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  9. Jen (NY) says:

    The last one looks like a sadistic cat toy.

    The blue boucle is well, yeah. However the bag alone might be cool, perhaps in a slightly different color. This particular shade of blue reminds me of the vinyl interior of a hulking 1970s Caddy that a childhood friend’s mother drove…


  10. Agnes says:

    Love the shoes and the bracelets and, of course, the running commentary. But am I going blind or was that poor girl in the last pic sent out on the runway completely naked under that failed macrame project!??

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