Butterick 6166- the Courts still out


Remember Butterick 6166? I sewed it with the least natural fiber I could lay my mitts on and broil when I wear it- it’s like a business class scuba suit. My fault- I’m still a sucker for a pretty and not so functional fabric. You know. Heres the little meltdown now:


Ok, so has it held up ? Is it getting out of the closet much? Well, it still makes me feel constricted. But thats just me. I like my baggy art teacher foolishness.

Last week I hit that work wardrobe wall  where I realized I was relying on cardigans and t-shirts and it hurt my heart. But what did I want to be when I grow up, I thought?


1917: American actor Theda Bara (1885 – 1955) holds a peacock feather fan next to a bed in a still from director J Gordon Edwards’ film ‘Cleopatra’. Bara is wearing a costume consisting of a bustier and sarong with a long peacock feather train and a peacock feather headdress.

Ok, well, yes, I want to be Theda Bara, but lets think practical- I hate being photographed. I found myself pining alot of outfits with cross overs and underpants. No. Wait- pants under them. I do not pin underpants. Stop giggling. Shut up! Back on point!

Ahem- like this:


But wear do you wear this? Or this:


Or this:


Really, it’s just a hop and skip to you eating a horses heart alone in the cafeteria while your co-workers fear you.


Ok, this mother of dachshunds needs to tone it down a bit. Ok- ready?


*translation below

Ok, so this little experiment is the crossover piece laid over a 2nd one going from the other shoulder and the rest follows the pattern- but- without the gut swaddling girdle thing. I really hated how it only went across the front- I’m partial to a nice full obi type foolishness. The back is darted and zipperless. This is a crinkle gauze that looks so heavy and fall- but is actually quite cool. Pardon the humidity- I look like a chicken in a windstorm.


Ah, fudgesicles- look at that drag line. I’d like to swear it’s the pose- or the field or something. Sorry Mrs Mole.I have failed you.


This fabric scared me. It screamed ‘broomstick skirt smelling of funny cigarettes’ so it stayed in my closet for quite a long time.  So it was the perfect sacrifice for an experiment. I think I’ll get some wear out of this, I can’t help thinking it’s pretty gloomy for summer, but, hey, what would Daenerys do?

6166 1


photo credits: little me, pattern review, pinterest. All images remain the property of their original owners. Thank you Wired Magazine.

55 thoughts on “Butterick 6166- the Courts still out

  1. I love it. I find myself drifting into this Lagenlook thing, even as I acknowledge that if there are cards asking “Which Old Lady Will You Be”? I know mine says “Funky layered linen artist with short spiky hair and expensive but comfortable shoes.” Which, really, is feeling kind of okay. It’s a good place to land after leaving the faux-Victorian period of my sewing and design interests…..

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  2. Drag line, what drag line…I don’t see any. It must be a perfectly placed piece of fabric to highlight those killer buttons! Love this belted tunic…you will be starting your own trend for sure! But be careful when posing in the wilderness…you can blend in nicely with nature!

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    • I was trying so hard to match my print and that neckline game me fits- it kept riding up in the back and oh, I was getting to the point where I was just happy to be done!!


  3. Did I tell you how I read your blog out loud to anyone who will listen? Except I keep running out of breath because I’m laughing so hard? I like your adaption to this pattern a lot. I also relate to buying fabric for color, resulting in some bad combinations.

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  4. ellegeemakes says:

    I can’t resist a crossover style either and this looks fabulous on you and your print matching is inspiring. The fabric doesn’t read ‘fall’ to me. I’d wear it year around happily, mother of daschunds. Just think how many kingdoms you’d command if you could unleash their full power.


  5. A truly enjoyable post, thank you. So where do you wear those cross overs and leggings? I am not sure they fit properly into office casual attire. Certainly looks comfy.
    Love what you did with yours though and I do like the material, lots of visual interest.


    • I get a little slack with my work apparel as I’m not a front line person or have to wear scrubs- I usually dress like an adult when I meet and greet- but once they know me, I can get a little more unique and no one says anything!
      I’m not a corporate gal, luckily!


  6. Rose in SV says:

    Both dresses are great! You know your colors–your fabric choices for both garments are very flattering. I’ve been following your blog for a while–Thank you for sharing your experiences!

    Rose in SV


  7. LOL! You, Mother of Dachshunds, have done well! I think your top is great – although I agree the fabric color is a touch gloomy for summer (It does fit the weather we’re having in NC currently!). I often see those high slit things over the trim pants and wish I could be in a tropical resort for the summer months, because I sure wouldn’t stroll through the Harris Teeter in those 😉

    Always fun to try something new and out of the box – that one, or a variation of it, could be great for our hot summer days!

    PS: Draglines terrify me now! Huge help, though…thanks, Mrs Mole! 🙂


  8. I think this totally works! I like the long tunic-y layered look… it’s fun to see a different proportion than the shorter tunic with tights that’s been kicking around for a while.


  9. Zz says:

    Just my thing, going through my stash now!
    I would add a wide brim straw hat while tending my chicks & perhaps a more colorful belt. I gave up most dark colors after retiring.


  10. Love an experiment and this is looking really great. The fabric colours and print are lovely and you suit it, it’s good to move out the comfort zone sometimes, I don’t do it often enough.
    I did buy a tunic like the white one, but ended up sewing the slits together to make it a dress! Otherwise, where do you wear it???

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  11. Yup, I love it! I think I prefer it without the waist piece. It seems to fall better and have nice 70s lines. I’m a big fan of the crossover dresses and vests with trousers or leggings. I wore them in the 90s, second-hand, of course (what we used to call ‘vintage’) and I find myself throwing some kind of pant under all my dresses now. It’s somehow more badass. You don’t have to sit a certain way or worry about the wind and can bend over to pick up street change. All good things. Go fourth and #badass.

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      • Mel says:

        This sentence is too funny. Those Bollywood ladies are the least badass of anybody. And I wasn’t even thinking of the traditional Indian outfits when I was looking at your tunic and tights, but now I can see how one could. I think I will put this quote somewhere on my computer at work to amuse myself. You are too much.

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